Back To Reality

I am so lucky to be in a job which allows me to have the entire Christmas holidays off. It's a lovely feeling knowing I don't have to worry about work and I can spend precious time with my friends and family. Although its only two weeks off and its basically all for just one day - I find it really hard to get back in to a routine. 
I love Christmas but I do find the lack of routine a little stressful at times. Some days over the Christmas I had to ask what day it was because I just didn't have a clue. I don't think I cleaned up for about a week at one point. Toys everywhere but we had lots of fun just playing all day. I think me and Daddy enjoy some of the toys more than big and little J.
Little J was staying up so much later than usual because we were out and about more in the evenings. This meant he was waking later than normal so taking a later nap which then led to a later bedtime and so on. We did have a few pyjama days too. Who doesn't over Christmas?
Big J was also staying up later talking online with his friends so again was waking much later, some days it was almost dinner time?  He's been missing breakfast and just snacking on buffet food, biscuits and chocolates which we have boxes and boxes of. I don't think I have cooked a proper meal in weeks. 
I did try and start trying to get our routine back before work and school started again but its really hard to get back into the swing of things. So basically on Monday when it was back to reality I did go 
to work feeling a little tired but once I was there I felt okay.
I think as the days go on our routine will fit back into place, hopefully. We will start eating breakfast, lunch and dinner which doesn't involve any biscuits, chocolate or eating out. Our bedtime routine for both big and little J will return to normal and there will be no-one awake past 11pm on a school night.
Having said all the above I do enjoy Christmas and I am sad its over but it is nice when everything goes back to normal.
Do like getting back to your routine after the festive period?


  1. I agree, it is hard to get back into a routine after Christmas, the first day back at work was horrible, especially I know I now have no time off until the end of March x

  2. I do like to get back into getting the house organised but I don't tend to change the kids routine too much, they go to bed an hour or so later and stay in bed for an hour extra in the morning but it never really affects them once they start back at school. I have to have a routine so this works much better for me lol x

  3. I know the feeling, on monday I woke up and literally my body went "euuuuuuurghhhh, you're not waking up until next Monday, deal with it" and I felt like I am in a dream world since! Hope your get into the swing of things soon Xx

  4. Hope you had a lovely christmas! it is always tough to get back in to a routine but just like you I missed it! xxx

  5. It's so hard to get back in to a regular routine again, especially with eating. We are slowly getting back to it though.

  6. I actually feel this year has been one of the easiest years , it seemd very calm to us and we had decs down , presents away and house back to normal by new year

  7. We were the same over Christmas - PJ days, party food and wondering what day it is! It's nice to get into a routine, but I do miss our lazy mornings! Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!


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