Project 365 Days 19-25

26 January 2015

Welcome to this weeks Project 365. This week has flew over, its crazy that its Monday again already. It will soon be February. I have noticed its started to get lighter earlier in the mornings now, makes getting up for work and school that little bit easier.

19/365 - Little J received an new toy from his uncle Paul, his very own JCB and he loves it. Its got a horn on it too and he loves pressing it...all the time.

20/365 - Today we had a huge Nerf gun battle in our living room. Big J tried to his new Nerf Zombie Strike gun. Foam bullets flying everywhere but it was lots of fun.

21/365 - I've ate this pretty much every day this week. Chicken, lettuce, tomato, sweetcorn and sweet chilli sauce. I love it. Today I was feeling a littler hungry so I added some pasta to it.

22/365 - Today I got a lovely delivery from Tesco of lots of protein filled foods to help me with the #proteinchallenge I a taking part of thanks to Upbeat. Keep an eye out for how I get on.

23/365 - We got our new beds delivered today which I thought was exciting but big and little J were more excited about jumping and playing on the old mattresses. 

24/365 - A very cold day today but that didn't stop us wrapping up warm and heading of to New Brighton for a late afternoon stroll, a quick go on the arcades and to the pub for tea.

25/365 - No one can make little J smile like this except his big brother.


  1. Lovely food, looks like you had a good week.


  2. Looks like a great place for a stroll, is that the Asda end of Brighton by the sea? #MagicMoments


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