The Iron Men

Easter morning was nice and bright outside so we thought we would go for a nice walk. We didn't want to go too far as big J had plans to go online with his friends. We thought about going the Albert Dock but we recently visited there. I don't know why but Crosby Marina popped into my mind. 
I haven't been to Crosby for years and Daddy, big J and little J have never been. So we packed up the car with the essentials for a Family Day Out. Spare shoes, plenty of drinks, packed lunch and the most important item of all...a football.
Lovely view of the marina

On the way it started to rain a little but we decided to carry on and I'm glad we did because it was a lovely day. When we arrived it wasn't what I thought it would be. There was lots of grass, a lake, a huge play park and a really long path that headed into the sandhills in the distant.

Managed to save himself from falling

We headed down towards the lake first. It was really busy down there. Lots of people taking a nice morning stroll some with dogs, balls, prams. There were lots of rocks surrounding the lake and of course big J wanted to climb on there. He almost lost his balance a few times but he managed to stay on two feet.

Picking up stones

Little J really enjoyed picking up some small stones and was watching his big brother throwing them in the lake so he tried to do the same. 
Little J attempting to climb on the rocks while big brother throws stones into the lake.

He's very adventurous and nothing seems to scare him. He will always try to do everything he see's his big brother do. Looking at him you wouldn't think he had a problem with his leg, he just gets on with it.
posing for a photo

An Iron Man in the distant

The walk through the sandhills took us to the waterfront and thats where we came across The Iron Men. I have seen them on TV and also my Dad has told me about them. For those that don't know Another Place (The Iron Men) are 100 cast iron statues which are permanently situated on Crosby beach. As the tide goes in and out you can see different parts of the statues.

Antony Gormley created the 100 statues based on a replica of his own body. Most of the statues within walking distance where out at sea but we did manage to find one right at the very end of the beach which was just on the edge of the water. He was up to his knees in sand and covered in starfish.

Big J picked off a starfish and held in his hand.

Big J spent some time jumping off he walkway on to the beach below. Little J found this very funny so big J continued to do it to make his little brother laugh.

After we had finished our walk around the Marina we headed to the play area. It was really big and spacious so I think even on a hot day it wouldn't feel crowded. Little J loved the swing and slide in the toddler area.

Watching his big brother slide down the firemans pole. 

There is always time for football.

I love this roundabout. It has two seats opposite each other. One is just a normal seat and one is suitable for toddlers as it has a bar in between their legs like a highchair. Little J loved it.

The other two sides have space for disabled children. Perfect for little ones in wheelchairs. Such a good idea.

Last go on the slide before it was time to go home.

We had a lovely time at the Crosby Marina. I am really looking forward to returning when the weather is a little warmer. This time we took a packed lunch but there was a few places to eat. There was a small kiosk serving drinks and I could smell chips as I walked past. There was also a coffee shop serving drinks and cake. There is also an adventure centre which has a bistro serving lunch and dinner.

So our visit to The Iron Men at Crosby beach was yet another simple but fun family day out that didn't cost a penny.

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