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Last weekend we were lucky to receive preview tickets to see the new Dreamworks movie HOME. I hadn't heard of it until I received the tickets and googled. Big J had already viewed a trailer of the movie and it was on his 'to see' list. 

The Story

The Boov and a race of aliens that flee their home planet to escape their enemy The Gorg. The Boov takeover planet Earth and relocate all humans to Human Town - Australia.
Oh is a friendly Boov that unfortunately has no friends despite his efforts to make some. When he moves to Earth he finds an unlikely friend - Tip. Tip is a young girl who was left behind when the Boov moved her mum to Human Town
Desperate to find her mum she must trust Oh and together they go on the journey, learning lots about each other along the way and becoming best friends.

Oh - Voice of Jim Parsons - from The Big Bang Theory
Tip - Voice of Rihanna
Lucy - JLO
Captain Smek - Voice of Steve Martin
Kyle - Voice of Matt Jones
Running Time

94 Minutes 
The time went so quickly, i didn't even look at my watch or phone once, which is unusual for me because normally I do check at least once. I was enjoying it so much that I was actually gutted when it ended.
Favourite Bits

If you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory and in particular Sheldon you will love this film. Jim Parson's voice just suits the character Oh. He brings a little bit of Sheldon to the character and is very very funny.
Lots of Rihanna songs.
Watching Oh dance for the first time.
We all really enjoyed the film and I would definitely watch it again when it comes out on Blu Ray and add it to our collection. 

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