My First CloudBaby

20 April 2015

Since little J's birthday last month he has really enjoyed playing with his toys. I know that might sound strange but if you have read my blog you will know he went through a phase of just wanting to play with telephones, remote controls and my iPad. It was so frustrating and no matter how many toys he had he just wouldn't play with them. It was hard to decide what to buy him for his birthday because we honestly felt like no matter what we bought he wouldn't play with it anyway. Daddy and I put our heads together and decided to buy him a kitchen. He plays with the one in nursery and does enjoy making pretend cups of tea and eating pretend pizza. We also took it a step further with a shopping trolley, cleaning trolley, till and pram. He had everything he needed to create house for himself and I am so pleased to say it worked, He has really enjoyed playing with his new toys.

Last week we received a nice surprise in the post My First Cloudbaby. A few weeks ago I wouldn't have been as excited but since little J is enjoying playing 'daddy' to his teddies at the moment I knew he would love it.

When he saw it in the box he got really excited. I opened it up and gave it to him. He instantly hugged it and gave it a kiss. It was so cute. Little J's first cousin was born just a few months ago so he is very aware of babies and is always kissing and stroking his baby cousin. He was really careful with the cloudbaby and was holding it just like a real baby.

Unfortunately for Upsy Daisy she was taken out of her comfortable pram and was replaced my little J's new baby. Little J pushed him round the living room then sat him on top of the pram too.

Shortly after little J took him for a ride on his Thomas train.

My First Baba Blue Cloudbaby 

What We Liked?

Suitable from 18 months so perfect for little J.

Gives little ones the chance to explore new textures. His right hand has a shiny smooth feel and his left hand is quite rough. His feet and clothing are also different material.

His right foot has a crinkly crunching sound when squeezed and his left foot rattles.

His scarf can be untied without it coming off completely due to it being stitched at the back. This gives the children a chance to learn to tie in a knot or bow. Great for developing motor skills.

His coat can be unfasten too, just pull open and the velcro will separate.

There is a hidden mirror under the coat so perfect for little ones to discover their reflection.

Approximately 12 inches tall. Not to big and chunky. Ideal for little hands.

Soft and cuddly.

What Could Improve?

The length of the scarf. I think its a brilliant idea for little ones but I feel it may be a little short for children to be able to tie.

My First Cloudbaby will be available in the UK soon and you can check out the My First Baba Blue and other Cloud Baby products by visiting Cloud Babies Store

* We were sent My First Cloudbaby in return for a full honest review, all thoughts, photographs and opinions are our own*


  1. Everything about this post is so cute! That cloudbaby seems like something my bestie's baby would love :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  2. I love the look of this, I do love a good teddy. I like the fact you can learn to tie his scarf.

  3. We have one of these - I think it would be OK from 12 months #KidTested

  4. Aww that is so adorable, it looks like he loves him :)

  5. Ahh it looks like your little one is having a lot of fun, really nice. Mich x

  6. I like the idea of learning to tie the scarf. What a cute little toy. Can't wait unil my boy starts playing Daddy. Looks so sweet! Thanks for sharing #KidTested

  7. Ah! Cute - what a great teddy - looks like there has been a lot of thought into all the little elements and how to make it a useful one too!


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