McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure Tour Ever

On a scale from 1-10 for how excited I was when McBusted announced they were touring again, I was an 11. I honestly thought it was a one off tour last year and didn't think for one minute that not only would they tour again but they would make an album together. It made my year when I heard the news and I was even more excited when I received tickets for their Most Excellent Adventure Tour for christmas.
They arrived in Liverpool on 31st March and couldn't wait. I love all their songs and I was ready to sing and dance my socks off. ( I didn't have socks on but you know what I mean!) 
I love it that we have the Echo Arena in Liverpool because it saves the journey into Manchester which we did for many years. Its not as big as the Manchester Arena, definitely not as high but it does attract the big names. 
Our tickets were for the lower tier next to the stage, Row A. We were on Tom's side. If you have been a Mcfly/McBusted concert before you will know Tom, Danny, Dougie have always sang/played on the same side for each tour and its never changed. 

I think this was the best staging I have seen from a McFly/McBusted tour. It was a huge arcade machine and it worked too. The feel of the tour was very 80's and retro and the name of the tour was obviously based on Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.

To get the crowd ready for the best night of their lives they played trailers of old movie classics such as Karate Kid, Home Alone, Bill and Ted, Waynes World and Teen Wolf.

When the boys arrived on stage they belted out songs from their new album to start, Air Guitar and one of my faves Hate Your Guts. Their energy and excitement oozed out into the crowd and everyone who wasn't already on their feet jumped up and joined in.

It's quite common now for bands or solo artists to have a second stage when they are playing in big venues. Before the concert had started we could just see a sneaky peek of a DeLorean hanging from the ceiling. The boys played a few songs from their second stage and then once they had finished and done a quick costume change they walked through the venue. Dougie and Matt were dressed like a bride and groom, Danny, Tom and James were bridesmaid and Harry (who was topless and looked like one of those butlers in the buff) threw confetti over them as they took to the stage to sing Crash the Wedding.

As well as singing their new tracks they did have a mixture of Mcfly and Busted songs in there too. 3AM, You Said No, Thunderbirds, Five Colours and  Shine a Light to name a few. I was so pleased to  hear Stargirl which is my absolute favourite song ever and it always manages to sneak in the set list for every tour, so maybe its one of their favourites too.

Overall I think this was their best concert yet ( I say yet because I really hope they do another). The time flew by and they were on stage for almost 2 hours. 

As soon as I got home last night I googled to see where they are next as I would love to see it again. Unfortunately it looks like they have finished up north now and are heading south over the next few weeks. I would have definitely gone again but I suppose I will have to wait for the next tour. Hopefully it won't be too long.

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