I Got My First Tsum Tsum

Last year when we were in Disneyland Paris, Tsum Tsum's were everywhere. In every shop there were huge displays of these little cuties. I had no idea really what they were other than there were lots of them in all different characters.

For those that have no idea what a Tsum Tsum is.

 Originally from Japan, Tsum Tsum stackable plush  come in your favourite characters. Collect them all to build a tower of cute and cuddly friends

Tsum Tsum which in Japanese means 'Stack Stack' are designed to do just that. Each character will sit on top of each other to form a pyramid or tower.

 I have been checking the Disney Store both instore and online just in case they started to sell them here in the UK and last week they arrived.

I am a little crazy when it comes to collecting Disney memorabilia so I was unsure whether to start the new craze because I end up wanting them all.

Last week we were in our town centre and we visited the Disney store. The Tsum Tsums were on display right at the front of the store and I had a browse and decided to get my first Tsum Tsum. There were so many to choose from and in 3 different sizes.

I got a medium Stitch Tsum Tsum and little J got a medium Winnie The Pooh Tsum Tsum. 

The three sizes available are Mini, Medium and Large. The Mini Tsum Tsum's are 3.5", Medium are 11" and Large are 17"

I also bought myself a Tsum Tsum bag too.

I am really looking forward to collecting the mini Tsum Tsum's. They are only £3 each which I think is really reasonable. There are collections to buy such as Frozen and Toy Story.

I think I will start with Toy Story as its one of my favourite Disney Films. There are 9 to collect so would cost £27 for the set which again I don't think is too expensive.

I read online that the first Tuesday of every month they will release a new collection. On the 5th May they are releasing Little Mermaid and Big Hero Six.

Have you seen Tsum Tsums? Are you a fan?

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