Chocolate Making Masterclass

I am definitely a chocolate lover and if you were to put a bag a crisps or a chocolate bar in front of me I would always choose the chocolate. When I was younger I loved Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I remember watching the movie an thinking "I would love to visit there." 
When I was invited to attend a Chocolate Making Masterclass at Millennium Hotels -The Copthorne Hotel in Manchester I obviously said yes please, who wouldn't?
I have never attended a masterclass before so I had no idea what to expect other than the fact we were going to make chocolate. 

We were greeted with delicious canap├ęs and I had a fresh orange juice. Our table was decorated with lots of edible decorations and marshmallows. 

We had a brief talk on the history of chocolate and then we tasted some 
There was lots of melted chocolate and it smelt so good. Our table was right next to the demonstration table so we got a good view of what we were making.

Firstly we made a large chocolate button. It was actually really easy to make. We poured the melted chocolate and made circular movements with the back of a spoon until we had made a large chocolate circle button.

We were then free to decorate it as we wished. Once we finished it was place in the fridge to set.

Next we had a demonstration on how to make ganache. I really enjoyed this. It was lots of fun. We worked in pairs and created the most delicious little truffles.
6 Tbsp of Dark chocolate 
3 Tbsp of Double Cream

and mix until it starts to stick to the spoon once it does you then need to put it in a piping bag. You just then squeeze them into little truffle shapes although they did look like little poops.
If you want to replace the double cream with Baileys you can to make Baileys truffles instead.

Once they had set we rolled them in cocoa powder and my little poops, turned into little truffles.
Everything was delicious although I didn't get chance to taste my chocolate button because big J claimed that one. 
The whole masterclass was a fun, enjoyable night and I would love to attend something similar again. 
Millennium Hotels have listed the Uk's best chocolate experiences, I would love to visit Cadbury World as I have heard great reviews.
*I was invited to attend the masterclass, all thoughts, opinions and photos above are my own*

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