Keeping The Bathroom Tidy

Little J has always been a water baby. He loves being in the water, playing in the water, swimming and taking a bath. Big J is the same they would both live in a pool if they could. Over the past few months, probably since Christmas little J has managed to gather a large collection of bath toys. He's got everything from boats to squirters. He absolutely loves each and every of of them and plays with them nightly but they have started to make the bathroom look cluttered. 

A few weeks ago we bought a bathroom tidy which attached to the bath with two little 'suckers'. I would describe it as a small mesh hammock and to be honest it was rubbish. We could only fit in a handful of toys in before the weight made it fall off the side of the bath. It was pointless.

We decided to try the Peli Play Pouch Bath Tidy and I am really pleased with it. Its much larger than the previous bath tidy and it looks great.

The idea is the bath tidy is a Pelican. The head is made of plastic which is perfect for holding the weight of the toys. It sits on the side of the bath securely and when you lift up the beak you can pop the toys inside. From the beak hangs a large mesh bag which is the perfect size for little J's toys. The mesh bag is also detachable so it is easy to clean. I popped it in the machine and it was fine, or you could just soak if you wish.

 Little J has been using this as a toy too. He likes to empty all his toys and the pop them back in. He also likes lifting the beak up and down too.

If Daddy or I are having a bath we just twist the Peli around so he is facing outwards. 

I do want to mention that he will sit securely on baths with a rim of 7.5cm - 12cm, I am not sure if this is a standard size for bath edges but it might be wise to check first if you are thinking of buying.

The Peli Play Pouch Bathroom Tidy is available from Amazon and is currently priced at £14.99

*we received Peli Play Pouch in return for a full honest review. All thoughts, opinion and photographs above are our own*

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