Dr Oetker Launch #freshnessfrozen Campaign

Being a Mummy my whole attitude towards food has changed. I have to think about my family when I make food choices now and I want to make sure that what I prepare and cook for my boys is fresh and healthy.

As a Mummy there are some things I am good at but unfortunately cooking isn't one of the things I do with ease but I do try. I will prepare and cook homemade meals for my family and include fresh meat and vegetables whenever possible. However there are days when life takes over and  I do not have the time to prepare and cook so a shortcut is needed. I will admit that I have used frozen meat and vegetables and I know some people may look at this as laziness and convenience food but I  have to disagree.

Life can be very unpredictable so having fresh fruit, vegetables and meat in your fridge can become very costly especially when your week doesn't go to plan and you have to throw out items that have gone out of date or lost their freshness. When using frozen meat and vegetables I find I have less waste. I can just use what I need and the remainder will continue to stay fresh in my freezer. 

 Dr Oetker has recently launched a #freshnessfrozen campaign which highlights that freezing ingredients at the peak of perfection actually locks in the freshness until you are ready to use them. Frozen food is often looked down upon but actually it is just as fresh.

To help support their #freshnessfrozen campaign Dr Oetker created a 4 Tonne Ice Pizzeria outside Liverpool Street Station for one day to showcase the freshness of frozen food. 

The 34 huge blocks of ice contained essential ingredients to create a pizza. The Peppers, Chilli, Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Rosemary, Thyme and Basil were created in a wallpaper pattern within the ice.

3,400 litres of water was used to create the ice and the team of ice experts spent an entire night putting the frozen pizzeria together.

The pizzeria had its own bar including glass bottles frozen into blocks of ice. There was even pizzeria pictures frozen into the ice walls.

Just like any pizzeria it displayed a table with a bottle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil on top.

Each block of ice took five days to grown and the pizzeria took a full month to produce.

It looked absolutely amazing and I would have loved to see it, I bet it turned a few heads as commuters walked through the station.

So the Fresh v Frozen is probably a debate that will continue. I do think it is down to individual lifestyles and what is best for their circumstances.  I know that I will continue to use frozen vegetables and meat, not because I am lazy or can't be bothered buying fresh, but because I know it is just as good and it works well for me and my family. 

You can follow the Dr Oetker campaign over on twitter using #freshnessfrozen

How do you feel about frozen ingredients? Do you use them?

*in collaboration with Dr Oetker*


  1. Wow what an amazing looking exhibition - I definitely think some frozen produce has its place.

  2. Wow that looks incredible!! I'm a big fan of frozen veggies, I waste much less and they're so easy to throw into dishes, I end up eating more of them which is always a good thing :)

    Love lucinda xx

  3. That's such a clever exhibition idea! I'm always a bit funny over getting frozen food as I much prefer it fresh, but this campaign does make me think twice.

  4. I think frozen food is very useful. I know vegetables that have been just picked and frozen at their height of goodness is better for you than vegetables that have been hanging around for ages in your fridge.

  5. Frankly, if the Tubblet is eating the fruit and vegetables, I'm more than grateful! I didn't realise that fresh v frozen had become a thing until I read your post.

    That picture looks amazing! Wish I'd seen it too

  6. that frozen pizzeria sounds amazing! I use my freezer a lot - freezing my own foods as well as buying frozen. Tend to by frozen veg, but buy fresh meat and then freeze that as things like frozen mince end up going mushy in meals sometimes. x

  7. Wow that looks amazing! I use mostly fresh fruit and veg but not adverse to the odd use of frozen xx

    1. I think everyone has there own preferences which is fine. I like fresh fruit.

  8. Wow an ice pizzeria!! That looks amazing - I always freeze foods. x

    1. It does look incredible. Wish I had of seen it

  9. love the ice "sculpture" and no wonder it took so long to build.
    They say frozen veg holds onto more of the vitamins than fresh ones do time we get them from the shop.
    Only tip I can give is to cook in bulk and freeze some meals ready just to reheat


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