What Does Your Toddler Eat?

Little J will be 2 years old soon and I am not really looking forward to toddler tantrums and fussy eating. Up till now we have had the perfect child. He pleasant, funny, a good sleeper and a really good eater, I don't want it to change.
I am going to keep a note of all, if any changes and blog about them over the next months but just something playing on my mind at the moment is food. I am not 100% sure how much little J should be eating and how often. I have googled but their is so much difference between one toddler to the next.
Little J likes most things you put in front of him and will eat until he's had enough and pushes it away but I think he may be losing weight. He has aged 2-3 in trousers for a while but now they seem to be hanging off him.
This is a typical day.

7-8am - Breakfast 

Porridge, croissant or toast
Water or very weak juice
11am - Lunch

Small tin of pasta shapes, beans and sausage, egg and beans or a sandwich
Cake Bar such as a mini roll, banana or raisins
Water or very weak juice
2pm - Mid afternoon snack

Depends what he had for lunch but usually a biscuit or a small portion of skips or wotsits
4-4:30pm - Dinner

A smaller version of what we are having for dinner.
Lasagne, Curry, Chicken, Spaghetti Bol, Pizza
Mash, Vegetables, beans,
A cold dessert such as ice cream or mousse
Waterer or very weak juice

8oz Bottle of Milk
How does that sound? Too much, too little, just right? Its hard isn't it knowing whats best but I guess he never seems hungry and he sleeps well so maybe i'm just being paranoid but I really would love to know your thoughts.


  1. Firstly, what a handsome little Man! Secondly Liv was just as lovely at 2, it's 3 that we are having trouble with, she has definitely become a "Threenager"! As for the diet, it sounds like he is getting everything he needs so I wouldn't worry :)

  2. Great post which I just found through #twinklytuesday :) There is so much pressure on what we should or shouldn't feed our kids. We have a very similar pattern (in vegetarian format) but then there are days where this goes completely out of the window...Ho Hum! We try our best don't we :)

  3. I think that honestly sounds absolutely fine and probably better than what 90% of kids get if their parents are completely honest. My son is 4 and I have worry about his eating habits too. I try and sneak extra veg into whatever he eats, so sauces tend to be homemade with lots of extra carrots/garlic/celery/onions/tomatoes etc to secretly give him vitamins... it's not easy is it?! x

  4. Maybe try getting something extra into his breakfast, maybe some fruit in his yoghurt or a smoothie packed full of veggies & fruit? x

  5. I’d say maybe get a little more fruit in there although I’m a mum of a toddler who would prefer to eat a bowl of blueberries over chocolate or crisps! He usually has blueberries or strawberries mixed in with his porridge or weetabix to start the day and then other bits throughout. Your dinners sound fab – it’s dinners that Zach has been more fussy about! He doesn’t like certain textures like omelette or pasta (yes really, pasta!) which can make it hard. I try to mix in a bit of fish during the week along with chicken and sausages as they are guaranteed hits! It’s so hard to know if we are doing everything correctly but you are doing a fab job! Thanks for linking up with #twinklytuesday

  6. It's so hard sometimes isn't it!? This sounds great to me, I try to shoe horn in fruit after lunch and tea when I can rather than throughout the day as I worry about his teeth ( just something else to add to the list!). My little boy has suddenly decided he doesn't like cheese or potatoes - what a pain that is! The only thing I'm sure of is that sausages are the holy grail of food for him!

  7. It's really great that you feed him a smaller version of what you're having for dinner - getting him used to the same meals will definitely make lives easier for you in the long run, and won't make him a fussy eater!

    Erin xx


  8. My son is nearly 6 and he goes through stages, sometime he is really hungry, then he is not into food. He loves his fruit and vegetables though, if anything, I would say to try and add more fruit and vegetables into your little one's diet but everything else seems fine x


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