Spring Has Sprung

12 March 2015

I am so excited that Spring is finally here. Its actually unusual for me to be so excited about Spring as I do love Winter but this year I am so glad to see this long, cold, wet and miserable Winter finally pass. Since November we have just had one illness after another and I know we weren't the only ones suffering, everyone has been feeling ill, with coughs and colds. 
At the weekend I woke up and I felt okay. I couldn't believe it. No sore throat, no cough or cold symptoms, just normal. What a relief. 

The sun was shining outside and it was really fresh. We opened the windows and it was lovely to feel the breeze blowing through the house. We had time in the park and the garden and I was excited at the thought of getting all the garden toys out soon.
As its little J's birthday soon we will try and buy a few toys that he can use outside. He is such an outdoor person, he loves it. Our garden isn't huge but there is enough room to have a good play. Towards the back of the garden we have our old trampoline. It was big J's but he doesn't play on it anymore so it will probably be dismantled over the next few months so that will free up a little bit of playing space.
Big J doesn't play with toys in the garden anymore he just uses his goal but around this time of year big J normally tells us about a new scooter or bike that he has seen. He usually gets a new scooter each year for his birthday. The last few years he has chose an electric scooter and they have been perfect for popping in the car and taking out with us on our walks. He also has a stunt scooter which he loves and I think he may choose another one this year.
We bought new garden furniture last year and we got so much use out of it in the Summer. I am hoping we can spend as much time outside this year as we did last. 
So other than a few upgrades we are pretty much ready for Spring.

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