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12 March 2015

Yesterday after I had spoke to big J I thought to myself - I sound just like my Mum. It was in a good way and it made me giggle because I remember little things my Mum would say when I was younger that her Mum had said to her, now I'm saying them to my two.
We all have little sayings and quotes we use but I actually realised today just how many I do say and most of them are from my Mum.
I'm forever asking big J to switch his bedroom light off before he leaves for school. He never does, he always forgets and this morning I used a Mumism. 
Switch your light off, its like Blackpool illuminations up here.

He did look at me funnily, as if to say its only one light, calm down.
When big J was playing with little J last week they were running and jumping on the bed. He slipped once but continued to run. I shouted.
If you break your leg don't come running to me.

Might be pretty hard to do if he actually did break his leg!
This one I have used several times and honestly I have no idea what it means.
No use crying over spilt milk.

Not quite sure why you would cry over spilt milk, well not in our house anyway as we always have pints of it in the fridge.
Another I definitely got from my mum is
I'm not psychic.

I use this all the time. Daddy and big J seem to think that I just know what they want or what they need when in fact I have no clue. I'm a Mummy not a medium.
One of my favourites is when little J pops something in or by his mouth
Put that down you don't know where its been.

Most of the time its one of his toys so we know exactly where its been but it doesn't stop me saying it anyway.
My favourite that I say more often now as little J is growing up
Don't pick your nose, you won't go the party.

Again no idea why but I'm waiting for the day he is old enough to answer back..what party?
There are so many I use on a day to day basis, its quite funny really because I don't even realise I'm saying them.
Do you have any Mumisms? What's your favourite?

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  1. I think these could all be referred to as wifeisms too ;)


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