Mr Tumble's Circus Is Coming To Town

30 March 2015

I think if you are a regular reader you will now that we are a huge CBeebies fan and Justin Fletcher / Mr Tumble is a favourite of ours. We recently reviewed his new album and little J loves it.
Last year at Lollibop Justin announced that he was going on tour in 2015 and I was so excited as I knew little J would be a little bit older and would appreciate the show a lot more than he did at Lollibop.

Roll Up, Roll Up. This Easter Justin and Friends are bring something special to a town near you, Mr Tumble's Circus. 

Mr Tumble's circus is on his way to town but it is delayed. The Gigglebiz stars soon swing in to save the day.

Robert the Robert, Little Monster, Kat, Gem, Andy Day, Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble will all be there to make this Easter one you will never forget.

I am so excited that the tour is finally here and it all kicks off on Wednesday 1st April in Cardiff. It will also stop at Wembley, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester.
Tickets are available and you can find out more by visiting CBeebies Live.


  1. We love Mr Tumble, alas, the tour is nowhere near us, and as my younger kiddo gets quite car-sick, I cannot fathom travelling long distances to see the show. Such a pity. I think Justin is a genius, he's a blessing to so many families with special needs kids.

  2. aah a Cardiff date, I'll have to let my friends with kids know :)


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