Daddy keeps up with the new Panasonic TV technology

5 March 2015

It wasn't long ago that Daddy had set his alarm on his phone to remind him about the XBOX One Convention. It was streaming live across the world to show off the new console that was eagerly awaited by millions. I remember how exited he was when it started to stream from the xbox 360 on to our TV. If I remember rightly there was a man showing off all what this new console could do. I'm not up on technology but I do remember thinking "wow! A console can do all that?"
Daddy on the other hand is very in to technology he loves it, he needs it and he is always wanting to upgrade. Consoles, phones, computers, TV's, everything that can be upgraded really. You may remember he went to Play Expo last year. He took big J and they had an amazing time. Everything was retro and mainly arcade machines so I couldn't think of anything that he would see there that he would want...I was wrong.
Obviously because they were playing consoles games they were connected to some of the best TV's you can get. Now I like our TV, it does what it needs to do, it lets us watch programmes. Well nowadays TV's are so much more than that and Daddy wants such a TV. 
Okay so what possibly could a TV do other than what it should? Well actually lots. We recently watched the Panasonic Convention 2015 below and just like the XBOX One convention I am shocked by just how much TV's can do nowadays.
The Panasonic 4K TV below has Firefox OS installed. It has the option for Apps and looks just like a computer, tablet or iPad but on your TV. The man shows how he can open apps and add them to a favourites on the home screen just by the click of a button. He then flicks to a TV programme and again by the click of a button its added to favourites.
It looks really good, colourful and easy to use  for us non techie people.
Big J seems to be following in the footsteps of his Daddy as he likes looking at TV's when we are out shopping. Like most kids these days he has a TV in his room but he has been looking at curved TV's. 
Panasonic just so happen to offer a curved TV - 4K Pro in sizes upto to 65 inches - wow. It would be like watching a movie in the cinema - just hand us the popcorn.
This is probably just a little snippet at what the new generation of TV's can do and I know Daddy will probably be first in the queue when they go on sale. I just leave him to it because we all have our passions and it just so happens Daddy loves his gadgets and gizmos and seeing his face light up when he sees something amazing makes me smile. 

*in collaboration with Panasonic*


  1. These look great! My TV is really basic compared to this!

  2. I have to say I'm such a Luddite - I just struggle to get excited over technology. The men in my life are a different story, they would love this.


  3. Our tv is small (in comparison to most tv's) and I wish it was a smart tv up on the wall! One day we'll have something like this - we both love a bit of technology but haven't been in our house for long so have much more important things to save for hehe - even if we do stand in curry's ogling the big tv's!! Thanks for linking up to #twinklytuesday


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