I Am The Queen Of Connect Four

10 March 2015

Connect Four is probably the first game I ever remember playing when I was little. I used to play it with my dad all the time. I loved it and still do, over the years I have become an expert at it. Without blowing my own trumpet I haven't been beaten yet. Big J has had lots of versions of the game, Original, Launchers, Travel Size even Spongebob but I'm still the Queen of all of them. 

*looking back to 2012*

So my next challenge was to become the queen in the GIANT version. I have played the GIANT version once or maybe twice whilst we were visiting a castle in the Lake District. They had it in one of the stately rooms. It was mainly for the children to play with but the competitive side of me wanted to have a go and I did but there wasn't much of a challenge as I was playing a younger big J at the time. 
I remember thinking how amazing it would be to have a GIANT version of the game. Perfect for the garden and when having family and friends over. Once we got home it completely slipped out of my mind until last week when we were sent the GIANT version to try. 
Wow, its huge. Its stands 1.1m and we love it. I'm sure everyone reading this will know what Connect Four is but if you don't its very simple but very very addictive.
The game is designed for two players, yellow and red, although you could play in teams if you wish. You sit or in the GIANT version stand on each side of the game. All you have to do is drop your counters in turn into the game and try to get four in a row. It can be horizontal or diagonal but you must remember to block your opponent too. Once you have four in a row you win. Simple.
Daddy set the game up in our living room for us to have a try. It was an easy set up and within 10 minutes it was up and ready to play.

Its so much fun on the GIANT version, I'm not sure why it feels different when its the same game but it does. We have played it so much over the last week so we have left in assembled in the front room. Although its weatherproof and durable for the winter months I like having it indoors at the moment so we can play even when its raining outside. 
Little J has enjoyed it too, he likes to empty the counters by pulling the lever at the side. He then flings all the counters all over the floor so we have to then go on a hunt to try and find them under the table and the sofa. He also likes to be picked up and pops them in the slots. He does this for all the counters until every hole is full. 
What We Liked 

Everything really. Its Connect Four, whats not to like? It's a classic game on a GIANT scale.
The fact that you are standing to play makes it more exciting. Sounds strange but it does.
The plastic is durable and weatherproof, hopefully without any damage to the colours.
You can buy replacement counters. This is a big thumbs up because I don't know how many games we have had to throw away over the years due to missing pieces. 
What Could Improve

Although I love everything about it the only thing I could really say under this section is the price. Currently £189.99 which may seem a little steep for a game.
There is a section on each side of the game that holds the counters although they seem to fall off very easily. It may have been better for the holder to be enclosed rather than open.
You can purchase GIANT Connect Four from Big Game Hunters
So the question is am I still the Queen of Connect Four? Oh yes, still undefeated. I am really looking forward to including this in our garden games over the next few months and will be challenging everyone who will play with me. 

*we were sent connect four for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are our own*


  1. I used to love Connect 4 as a kid! my sisters and I used to play it for hours, we would always fight over who got the Red counters! xx

  2. Oh wow, that's quite pricey!!! We had one of these at a bar I used to work at and I remember all the kids absolutely LOVING it!

    Ree //

  3. Oh fab - I'd love one of these for the garden this summer #TriedTested

  4. Ooo that's looks lots of fun. My friends had one at their wedding to play in the garden. Perfect. Thanks for sharing #KidTested

  5. That looks like fantastic fun! Perfect for out in the garden during the summer x

  6. Looks fantastic - a bit of an investment though

  7. Oh I have to get one of these for the garden this summer. The kids have discovered connect 4 and are quite obsessed at the moment! x x

  8. We have this too, it's so much fun. I agree about the counter holders on the side though, I said the same in my review! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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