Toilet Training Made Easier With Andrex

25 March 2015

Very soon we will take the plunge and start to potty train little J. I honestly can't remember potty training big J, he just did it. It wasn't stressful or hard work he just got on with it and I think thats why it hasn't really stuck in mind. It was easy.

Little J is showing some signs that he is ready. He knows when he has done a wee because he will pat his nappy and he will come to me with a fresh nappy in his hand. He doesn't really like his nappy being wet so he is always keen to have a nappy change. He has had a few accidents during nappy free time but again when he's wet he won't sit in it he will come straight to me and let me know.

When it comes to potty training we will be using a mixture of toilet paper and toilet wipes with little J. We use Andrex as its a brand we have always used. They have just changed their packaging design and I love it. Its got a nice fresh and clean feel to it. The Classic White and Natural Pebble now come with a touch of cotton.

We have been using the new refreshed Classic White and I have noticed a difference in the softness and also the strength of the paper.

Andrex have introduced a Clean Routine. It highlights the importance of knowing the right way to wipe and also to remember to wash our hands afterwards.

We follow the clean routine at home and also at work as being a Nursery Nurse it is so important to teach the little ones the importance of personal hygiene. The children are encouraged to wash their hands after they use the bathroom and before and after snack and dinnertime. 

This star chart is a great way to motivate and reward our little ones when they follow the clean routine properly. All children love stickers and getting a brightly coloured star sticker usually brings a smile to their face.

So I'm hoping with the new and refreshed Andrex toilet paper, toilet wipes, the clean routine and the star reward chart, potty training little J will be a breeze. *fingers crossed*

You can view the complete range of products by clicking Andrex

Keep an eye out for my potty training updates as I am sure there will be many.

*we were sent the above products to try in return for our own honest thoughts and opinions on the new packaging*


  1. Ah a star chart is such a nice way to help potty train, it's definitely all about rewards rather than punishment!

    India | Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. I actually enjoyed potty training little man and he loved going to the potty. The star chart is a great encouragement to potty training x

  3. I love the star chart idea, this would encourage any little one's to use there potty


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