We Found Love

I don't usually listen to the radio because I always have a CD in the car but one day last week I did. I'm not a big fan of the radio mainly because I'm not a fan of current music so I would rather listen to what I want and not what the radio chooses to play. Anyway the two presenters of the morning breakfast show were having a conversation about Love. They said there has been a recent survey which confirmed that the most popular place to find love was at the gym. 
Really? the gym? I couldn't imagine anything less romantic. I don't go the gym now but when I did I used to be red faced and sweaty and couldn't wait to get home to take a shower. Looking for love would have been the last thing on my mind. 
Anyway they asked their listeners to ring up to share where they found love. There were some lovely stories of people finding love in all weird and random places. Out for a stroll with the dog, on an aeroplane, at a concert and even cleaning someones car.

I thought that maybe the workplace would have been the top place to find love.  It's the place you probably spend most of your time especially if you are full time. Daddy and I met at work and although we didn't actually work together, we worked for the same company and we met each other whilst I was visiting his branch one day. That was 16 years ago - eek. We have been together for 15 years this year and married for 5 of them. 
My Mum and Dad met at work too. They have been married for 36 years this year.
Just of of curiosity where did you find love?


  1. I met my husband in a kebab shop! Hahaha

  2. what a lovely little post! i met my husband (together for 8 yrs and married for 4) in a kebab house right near my house after a night on the town after Liverpool won one saturday night. I was asking him to kop off with my sister and he said he'd rather kop off with me.... totally cringeworthy haha!

  3. Awh, that's sweet! I would not have thought of the gym at all...that's kinda gross and sweaty. Or makes me think of guys checking out girls with supermodel bodies- not a red faced, sweaty and swearing me! I found love through friends and eventually, it all paid off :) x

  4. I can't imagine meeting any one at gym! I met my husband through a mutual friend, it wasn't love at first site but we've been together over 10 years now :)

  5. Oh god I couldn't imagine wanting to find love at the gym, but I suppose then they've seen you at worst so if they still like you it must say something :D

  6. Lovely post, so funny how different situations throw different people together and they end up meeting! Thanks for linking up and hope to see you again tomorrow! #MummyMonday xx


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