Review | Slime and Gelli Baff and SnoBall Play

Although little J seemed quite excited by the idea of having a bath full of slime, I wasn't sure what he would make of it. We have seen Gelli Baff in the stores and on TV but I've never thought of buying it for little J. His older brother didn't like anything like this when he was younger so I just thought little J would be the same, I was wrong. 

We received Gelli and Slime Baff to try from Zimpli Kids and little J chose the Slime Baff first. You may have read my recent post of how much little J loves making potions out of slime and goo so I knew he would love it to play with but wasn't sure how he would feel having a bath in it.

Slime Baff is really simple to use. Firstly you pop the water in the bath recommended about 8 inches then evenly sprinkle the Slime bath powder in the water. You can mix the powder in to the water until the powder dissolves and creates a slime bath.

Little J really wasn't sure at first but was soon playing in it and filling old shampoo bottles up to make slime potions.

Then he decided he wanted us to pour lots of Slime Bath all over his tummy.

 Little J had so much fun in the bath that he couldn't wait till the next morning to play Snowball fights in the garden. SnoBall play is very similar to the Slime and Gelli Bath. You have a sachet of powder that when mixed with water creates Snow balls.

 You add the sachet to 1.4l of water in a suitable bowl or bucket and keep mixing.

 It took about 10 minutes to mix in to a texture similar to Snow Balls.

 Little J loved rolling the mixture in to Snow ball shapes.

Then it was time for Snow Ball fights. Although this photo looks like it hit little J in the face it didn't He had actually knocked it away with his arm. I wouldn't recommend throwing Snow balls in anyones face!

We had so much fun using Zimpli Kids products and would definitely recommend.

Gelli and Slime Bath is 100% safe bath time fun. It's non irritant and environmentally safe. There are no harmful chemicals and it is 100% degradable.

SnoBall Play makes 30 Snowballs and is perfect for Snow ball fights or sensory play.

You can purchase Zimpli Kids products online and for more information on the range available visit Zimpli Kids.


We received the about products for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 


  1. OK now this sounds like such a fun thing to have in the bath! I can imagine I would have had a whale of a time playing in slime as a kid!

  2. These look like fun and I'm sure the slime made it easier to convince him to have a bath. My friends kids need it for that reason alone x

  3. Oh wow how cool is that with the water turning blue!! The slime/gel looks like great fun xx

  4. How fun do these sound? My kids would love these x

  5. Aw these look like great fun! Love that you can have a snowball fight even if there’s no snow !

  6. The snoball play looks super funn. I'm sure kids and even those kids at heart will be thrilled to try this.

  7. Bath time was the worst time for us growing up! This seems like it’s switched the whole game up I’d love bath time now!

  8. Oh my gosh!!! I want to bathe in the Gelli slime and I am 44.The snoball looks like good fun and I am having a big family gathering at the New Year mwahahahaha

  9. The Snoball Play looks like great fun - my kids always love the snow so I'm sure they'd probably still enjoy this even now!

  10. The snoball play is so much fun and that last photo is AMAZING! lol


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