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It has been almost a year since we had our new carpets put in, and I thought it would be a good idea to get them cleaned to keep them looking fresh and new just before Christmas. You may have read recently that Fantastic Services cleaned our oven and they did a 'fantastic' job so I was confident the carpet clean would be great too.

Booking a single or multi job with Fantastic Services is a simple process, started by entering your postcode onto the website. You then select your Service type on the next screen from dropdown options - I have noticed that there are now some 'Christmas Special' options as well as Cleaning, Gardening, Pest Control and Removals.

For Carpet Cleaning the next page asks how many rooms need the carpets cleaned and whether there are any rugs that need cleaning too. You can then select which floor your carpets are on and also whether you have any other upholstered items you would also like cleaned.

At the bottom of the page is a handy set of quick select buttons if you would like to add any extra services such as oven cleaning or mattress cleaning.

On the right hand side of the page you can see what is included as part of the carpet clean

Inspection of the fabric

Pre-treatment of stains

Hot water extraction cleaning

Extracting 95% of the moisture back

Free maintenance advice by a specialist

No extra charge for weekend and bank holiday jobs

Free Air Mover - to speed up the drying process (I don't think we were offered this service)

Stain protection with a stain-proof guarantee - available at an extra charge (Recommended for high-traffic areas)

Bio-Insecticide - available at an extra charge

You then select your date, time and prices are shown for each option.

This is a before shot of the main walkway in to our bedroom. We had hoovered it but you can see that  it looks a little flat and discoloured. 

On the day of our clean, two cleaners came to do the job. They didn't speak a lot of English, however where able to communicate to us that the carpets wouldn't be dry the same day and they gave us some blue shoe covers to wear so as not to put any dirt onto the carpets while they dried. 

The machine used was very big and powerful however was left at the bottom of the stairs, as the extension tools the cleaners brought with them meant they could reach every room with them.  The service was completed in around 90 minutes and the carpets looked fresh and smelled clean.
We left the windows all open for most of the day and the carpets had dried by the next day. I was really pleased to see that the carpets had the 'new carpet' look and feel back to them, as good as the day they went down. As you can see from the photo above little J even fell asleep on the floor so it must have been clean enough to make a bed on. 

Overall we are really happy with the job they did and I would definitely consider using Fantastic Services again for other jobs around the house.

You can view the services offered by Fantastic Services by visiting their website.


We were offered the chance to choose a service free of charge for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 


  1. What a 'fantastic service'! You can really see the difference.

  2. Really good to hear they did a great job for you. That second photo looks so much better and fab it smelled good. So often wet carpet smells horrid. Mich X

  3. That's really come up well looking at the after photos, we have our own carpet cleaner but I doubt it would be as good as a professional clean x

  4. This sounds such a fantastic service. I could really do with getting my carpet cleaned more often with Fergus shedding all his dog hair everywhere and dragging so many sticks and leaves in from the garden all the time!
    C x

  5. Its great to get all the house in good order ready for Christmas

  6. Our carpet is desperately in need of a clean! I need to look into this, your carpet looks amazing and they've done a fab job!

  7. It sounds and looks like they did a really good job of cleaning your carpets - well worth the cost, I'd say!

  8. I hate cleaning my own carpets so having someone do it professionally would be a winner for me

  9. Heard great things about this company - pity they dont stretch to Blackburn


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