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Just over a year ago we reviewed the Oregon Scientific Adventure Smart Globe. Little J absolutely loves the globe and over the past year has learnt so much about different countries and his knowledge of capitals is amazing. Over the past few weeks we have been trying out Smart Globe Myth and we are really impressed.

Smart Globe Myth is ready to use as soon as you take it out the box. The globe came with batteries included and with a press of the on switch we were ready to play.

Myth is a 2 in 1, day and night globe which is one of the features that really appealed to me. By day you can browse our planet taking in all the countries and oceans but with a flick of a button by night the globe is illuminated by the stars of 88 constellations.

The setup of the Smart Globe Myth is very simple. It has an on/off switch, volume control and a brightness button.

There are three features to Myth. Earth Facts, Constellations and Fairy Tales.

We started by learning some Earth Facts. You can use the arrow buttons to skip through the facts. 
We have learnt so many facts so far including

A 100ft tall tree has over 2,000 leaves.

Alaska has more earthquakes than any other state.

The largest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea.

Little J is really eager to learn about our planet and really enjoys this feature. He makes sure he clicks on this daily for a new fact to tell at school.

Constellation Myths is a feature that tells 12 stories of the constellations. I actually loved the feature and learnt about the story behind my star sign. Little J doesn't understand about star signs yet although he loves listening to the stories.

Fairy Tales is our favourite. There are 10 fairy tales to choose from.

Hansel and Gretel
3 Little Pigs
 Little Red Riding Hood 
The Three Bears
The Ugly Duckling 
Princess and the Pea 
The Gingerbread Man
The Golden Goose

We find the ladies voice who tells the stories really calming so this feature is perfect for a bedtime story, especially using the night light feature too.

The Smart Globe also has an AR feature that after a quick download of the app and registering which only took a few minutes we were ready to explore our planet a little bit more.

Using a tablet or phone you can explore the globe. You can learn more about Landmarks, Flags, Animals even the Weather. Lots of facts pop up and you even have animals popping up taking a stroll across the globe.

We love this feature and it is a great visual way for the children to learn more, it definitely kept little J engaged.

We love the Smart Globe Myth and even though we already have and use Adventure, Myth is completely different with its own unique features. Our personal favourite is listening to the Fairy Tales snuggled up in bed with the globe illuminated by the stars. 

You can learn more about Myth by visiting Oregon Scientific and it is available to buy online at Amazon


We received Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Myth for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.

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