Collaboration | Steps to Make a Bed Look Plush and Beautiful Like a Dream Bedroom

Chic sheets, plump pillows and sumptuous luxury throws are all crucial elements of a perfectly plush bedroom. But simply putting all these components together will not automatically create a ‘beautiful dream bedroom’. You will need to follow a few certain style steps to achieve a luxurious and exquisite bedtime resting place. Have a look at our steps below

Colour Co-Ordinate 
Simple and subtle colours make for a stunning room. The light greys, whites and pastel shades allow flowers, feature wallpaper, decorative cushions and elegant furnishings to stand out. The white bedding sets and duvet collections at Dusk are hugely popular. The fabric and colours used work together to echo tranquillity and style  

Don’t Leave Out Lighting 
Modern bedding and luxury cushions are one thing but there is also the relevance of lighting to consider when it comes to creating a beautiful room. Every interior designer will tell you that lighting is one of the most important elements of creating a bedroom space, yet it can be one of the most overlooked aspects. One key tip is not to rely on one main source of light, instead, use a number of different light sources. For example, consider the use of a floor lamp in a dark corner, next to an armchair, or pendant bed side lamps that help save space too. Recessed lighting above the headboard can also change the whole feel of a bedroom. 

Be Practical 
In the midst of all the aesthetics, don’t forget to be practical about necessities such as storage and bedding protection. Mattress and pillow protectors, although not visible, are a crucial aspect of maintaining a beautiful look in your bedroom, as they often conceal unsightly spills. Also, storage is essential to consider if you are creating a quiet, peaceful space – too much clutter on display can give the opposite feeling of relaxation. 

Fuse Fabrics
One of the most subtle, yet effective ways of creating an indulgent and comfortable bedroom is by layering your designer bedding. For example, you could try marrying a Twilight throw or a Starlet bedspread with your Henley king size duvet and even single bed linen in your occasional-use spare room can be transformed with the simple addition of luxury faux fur cushions. Dusk’s bedding collections provide a stylish look of their own, but they can also be tailored, so you can create your own unique look.  


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