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We recently received a game to review called What's That Smell? We have never played anything quite like this game before. Basically it's a scratch and sniff game but honestly some of the smells are so disgusting it will make your eyes water.

Setup was very easy. Each player needs a cardholder, a scorecard and a whiff strip. You take turns to choose one of the 48 whiff cards included, open it up and use your whiff strip to scratch the surface and then you have a smell.

You then write down what you think the smell is, what smell category it falls into and if that smell brings back a memory. Every player can have a turn writing down their answers.

Once everyone has completed that card you unfold it to reveal the answer.

You get 5 points if you guess the smell correctly
3 points if you guessed the similar smell
1 point for the smell category
and a bonus 2 points for the funniest memory.

If there is a tie you take a smell card and get 15 seconds to guess the correct answer until there is a winner.

The winner of the game not only has all the glory but also chooses someone to smell a whiff of shame card. These are actually disgusting and smell so bad.

What's That Smell? Is a great party game and is recommended for ages 14+ although little J did play along with us and he got quite a few right.

Some of the smells are really gross. We had a garlic card that stunk the house out for hours so make sure you have air freshener handy after playing.

Whats The Smell? Is available to buy in most toy stores and online with a RRP of £24.99


we received Whats That Smell? for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.

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  1. Sounds great fun - father Christmas might deliveršŸ˜


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