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Since I became a Mum I am obsessed with taking photos of the boys. I always have my camera or phone to hand to capture memories. I'm lucky that they like having their photo taken although sometimes little J will pull funny faces or stick his tongue out but thats okay, because that's just the way he is. When Tesco Photo asked us if we would like to review their services I instantly thought 'A new canvas for the wall'. I love my canvases and have lots that we rotate through the year keeping the walls fresh every few months.

I already had a photograph in mind so I was keen to place my order. I have never used Tesco photo before and if I am honest I had no idea it existed. I was given a code to use at checkout so I just had to browse the site for my chosen product.

Canvas prints has it's own heading across the top of the website and once you click you are shown a few different canvas options, Gallery, Collage, Panoramic, Template, Word Cloud and Retro. I selected gallery.

Gallery canvas prints are printed on Poly-Mix canvas material. To ensure you get the best quality, Tesco Photo use non- fading inks and hand stretch every canvas over a handcrafted wooden frame. Each frame is made to your specifications, to make sure it looks perfect in your home. You can choose the size, orientation and edge style to suit any colour scheme.

Our other canvases are 30 x 20" so I chose that size. I know that size is perfect for our walls. It's not too small and not too big. You can choose canvases from 10 x 8" up to 60 x 40"

Ordering was simple, once I had chosen the size I clicked personalise which took me to the 'upload a photo' screen. You upload your chosen photo then you can tweak it depending on what you want.

You can choose the side style. We chose image wrap which means the photos wraps round the side of the canvas. It gives it a nice finish.

You can choose the photo orientation and add text if you wish.

Once done I was directed to the delivery page.

If you order by noon, smaller canvas prints including 30 x 20" can be collected from store after 3pm. Larger canvas prints or orders shipped to home take approximately 8 days.

I ordered a little later that noon however it came up same day delivery to store. I ignored this as I had read the delivery instructions. About 1 hour after ordering I received a phone call from the store just to confirm it would be the next day that I could collect.

I never heard from the store the next day so I decided to give them a call. Unfortunately our order wasn't going to be ready in time so i had to wait another day. That was a little disappointing but the store was very apologetic and it was due to a machine not working I think.

The next day arrived and I was eager to pick up so we went early. I hadn't rang beforehand to check it was ready but when we got there it was.

I was very pleased with the quality of the canvas. It is great quality and it was actually slightly cheaper than canvases we have purchased in the past so we are really pleased. The fact that we can pick up from our local store is a real bonus as there is no need to worry about it arriving via courier while you are out.

I would definitely use Tesco Photo again. I found it easy to order and the quality of the canvas is great.

You can view the range of photo gifts that Tesco has to offer by visiting Tesco Photo.


We received a voucher to spend at Tesco Photo for the purpose of this post. We chose the canvas from the products available. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.

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