The Puberty Talk

22 May 2015

I may have already mentioned it a few hundred times already but I still can't believe I have a teenager. Its crazy as I still think I am a teenager at times and especially with my obsession with Disney I'm like a big kid. I know we will have to tweak our parenting skills a little over the next few years because being a teenager is hard work and I know big J will say and do things he won't mean. We will have to remember that his body is going through massive changes and this will effect him emotional, mentally and physically.

I remember being a teenager myself and I was a nightmare. I was moody one minute, laughing the next and then crying all in the space of a few minutes. I was really lucky that my mum would sit down and chat to me about puberty and the changes that my body was going through and will continue to grow through.  My Mum and Dad were younger than some of my friends parents and I felt comfortable talking to my mum where some of my friends couldn't talk to their parents. They were made to feel that puberty was something you shouldn't mention and the whole topic was taboo.

Its sad really because them girls got most of their information and help through school or the playground rather than their parents. I read recently that according to research by Tampax Compak Pearl 50% of girls will ask their mum about period advice, just 50%? What about the other 50%? Who do they ask? Well 26% will ask friends and 9% will turn to bloggers and vloggers?

The 'puberty talk' is so important and especially for girls as once they start developing they will get their period. This is a huge part of a women's life but as a young girl it can be frightening and embarrassing. I know I was nervous and worried but after talking to my Mum I knew I wasn't alone, this happens to all girls and its just part of growing up. My Mum and I went to the local supermarket and together we bought everything we needed for that time of the month. Obviously when I was younger there were very few options but there have been some great advances in tampons or pads over the years. Pads are more thinner now and discreet, this is a huge bonus for girls nowadays because when I was younger I used to think everyone could see mine through my clothes.  Tampax Compak Pearl is the newest addition to the Tampax range and is their first new product in over a decade.

Designed to comfortably fit a woman’s inner curves, New Tampax Compact Pearl expands width-wise to eliminate the gaps that can cause leaks, meaning women no longer need to feel held back from making the most of every moment.  The smooth applicator is built for comfortable insertion and the small size and four new stylish wrapper designs with Quiet & Discreet technology means that it fits discreetly into the palm of your hand.

Being on your period can make you feel a little uncomfortable so always make sure you carry a little toiletry bag with you including a small supply of pads or tampons and a pack of wet wipes so you can freshen up.

We have chatted to big J about puberty and he seems to understand the changes his body will be going through and also the changes his friends will be going through too both boys and girls.  I am sure if he has anymore questions he would go to Daddy but I have made it quite clear that I am here for him today and even though I'm not an expert I will try my best to make these years as easy as possible.

If you are a Mum and looking for some advice and tips the 'talk' you can visit Period 101 for Mum and if you are a teenager looking for more information visit Period 101 for Teens

*in collaboration with Tampax Compact Pearl*


  1. Aww bless. We used to have talks in primary school about periods, but Stacey has almost finished year 6 and they've not covered it at all! She knows a lot about them anyway as I've always talked to her about things like that, but I think it should be talked about in year 5 and 6 at school for mums who aren't as confident about chatting to their children about it. After all, a lot of young girls start at 9!

    Great post :)

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

    1. My friends daughter started early but had no knowledge as school hadn't covered it at all.

  2. I feel like we really do need to talk more about puberty. I remember having sex education class from year 6 onwards. I really feel like schools need to educate teens especially with the rise of underage sex and pregnancies! Great post

    Kirsty xx


    1. I totally agree Kirsty. For some reason it's still a taboo subject but it shouldn't be.

  3. It is such an important part of growing up, it is such a shame so many kids don't feel like they can talk to their parents.


  4. I remember my Mum teaching me with a book x

    1. It's good she actually prepared you Laura

  5. I never had anyone to talk to me about periods. I lived with my Dad and obviously he is a man so he didn't know anything himself! My Mam just isn't a Mother to me. To cut it straight.

    Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky Hope too see you again Sunday!


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