Monthly Review Round Up - April

6 May 2015

Last month we tried out some great products.

Little Dish

Little J has been trying out Little Dish meals this month. Little Dish have a range of toddler meals that are perfect for 1-3 year olds. Each meal has 100% natural ingredients, low in salt and sugar. Little J has tried Little Dish meals before but  he has just tried the new meal Shepherd's Pie with British Lamb.

While it was cooking it smelt delicious. All Little Dish meals can be cooked in the oven or microwave. I cooked the meal in the microwave as I was a little short on time. It take's 2 and a half minutes with a 1 minute stand in between. We have tried cooking in both the oven and the microwave and both were equally as nice.

When it was ready and I popped it on his plate, the portion size was quite generous. Little J really enjoyed it. I did have a sneaky taste and it was delicious.

I have just noticed online that they now do have a bigger kids range that are bigger portions and chunkier textures. They are also just as natural as the toddler meals. I am so glad as little J does have a big appetite so I think he will be on them by the summer.

For more information and where to buy visit Little Dish 

Mrs Crimble's

I have always bought Mrs Crimble's Jam Rings and Coconut Macaroons but it never occurred to me that they were gluten free. Recently I have been following a gluten free diet and actually thought I would have to give these up as my treat so I was really excited when I found out that I don't have to. As well as being gluten free most of the products are peanut, wheat, soy and maize free too but do check first before purchasing.

Like I said I have always bought these because they are delicious and I am shocked just how tasty they are now that I know that they are gluten free, maize free, wheat free and soy free. I always assumed that the specialise foods wouldn't taste as nice but obviously I was wrong.

This month we have been trying a range of Mrs Crimble's goodies.

Lemon Slices

Out of everything that we have tried these were my favourite. I am not a big fan of lemon 'anything' really so I am a little surprised that I am saying this but they were delicious. Really light and tasty. They melt in your mouth.

Country Fruit Slices

Unfortunately I made the mistake at sharing these so I only got to eat one. So tasty with a nice cup of tea. The sponge was really soft and was packed with raisins, cranberries, apricots and topped with  little icing drops.

Rosemary and Onion, Hot Chilli and Original Cheese Crackers

I have ate these pretty much every day for my lunch topped with soft cheese or cheese spread and ham.

I was already a fan of Mrs Crimble's but it was nice to try other products as I know now that I will continue to buy them. I have noticed limited choice in our local Asda and Tesco but I am hoping to try Sainsbury's this week to stock up on some goodies. There is also an option to buy online on the Mrs Crimbles website.

Paddy's Bathroom

When we received some Paddy's Bathroom products to try out last week, I instantly loved the design and packaging. They reminded me of Ella's Kitchen products and I have read that Paddy's Bathroom was created by the same founder as Ella's Kitchen, Paul Lindley.

Squirty Stuff - Pineapple

The foaming hair and body wash is perfect for little ones whether they are in the bath or shower. Each squirt smells just like pineapples, the fragrance is 100% natural.

Bubbly Stuff - Tangy Tangerines

Little J loves this bubble bath, it smells so fresh and the bubbles are great. Little J actually said bubbles for the first time when he was taking a Paddy's Bathroom bubble bath.

Stuff For Shiny Hair - Squeezy Lemons

Little J has just had his first haircut and although I was gutted to see his little curls go, it is a little easier to wash now.

Stuff For Hands - Squeaky Clean Lemons

I love foam wash for hands. Its perfect for encouraging little ones to ash their hands, its got a great feel and smells great.

All Paddy's Bathroom products have details on the packaging of how much % is natural and organic. They are all suitable for babies from 4 months upwards. Clinically tested to be mild and kind to skin.

Paddy's Bathroom donate 50 US Cents for every product they sell to clean water initiates in South Africa. You can check out their website for more details of their Drop Buy Drop programme.

*we received the above products to try in return for a full honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs above are our own*


  1. Love the packaging on the Paddys bathrom products. When I was gluten free I always chose Mrs Crimbles over any other makes as they are actually still tasty! Thanks for sharing with #FamilyTested

  2. I've never heard of the Paddys bathroom products but they look fab! I love a fruity bubble bath, will definitely be getting some for Lamb! x #FamilyTested


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