Birthday Soccer Blast At Goals

19 May 2015

Big J has had a birthday party most years and we have done everything from bowling to a double decker play bus outside our house. I love birthday parties but I guessed this year big J wouldn't want a 'party' as he will be 13 soon and maybe he would want to just do something with a few of his friends. I was almost right he did want to do something with his friends but he didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I guess its not cool to have a birthday party with balloons and stuff when you are turning 13.

I knew straight away that he would want something to do with football so I looked online at Goals. If you haven't heard of Goals before they are really good. We have had parties there and also attended parties and soccer camps too. Goals is a 5-a-side soccer centre and big J loves it.

When I looked online I noticed they now offer Soccer Blast. Its the ultimate football experience for 12-15 year olds. Soccer blast is a two hour experience which starts with 1 hour on the pitch. You can choose to have a football match with a referee or soccer skills challenge. Then inside for some food and drink and then back onto the pitch for 30 minutes to do as you please.

I showed big J and he loved it, so a quick phone call and it was booked.

Normally before a party I am rushing round like a crazy person getting invites, birthday cake, food, goody bags but Goals actually do it all for you so it was really relaxed.

When he arrived there was a lovely message on the screen wishing him a Happy Birthday. All his friends were able to come so that was good. He had invited 13 of his friends and they are all lovely kids, most of them we have known since nursery. They are all so well behaved and polite and really good friends.

When everyone arrived they went straight out on to the pitch for a full 60 minutes match with the referee. They looked like they were having so much fun, laughing together as usual even though it was supposed to be a competitive game.

They did come in after 30 minutes for a quick drink and a rest before it was back out to finish the match.

Once the game was over it was back inside for food and there was plenty of it. Pizzas, hot dogs and burgers just what they wanted after running round for a hour before. They scoffed the lot within minutes but managed to save some space for ice cream and birthday cake.

Then it was back outside to do as they pleased. They played on the pitch showing off their skills, taking penalties and just having lots of fun.

Big J really did have an amazing time and its perfect for boys (and girls) who love football. Like I said before we have been to Goals many times and its definitely a place we will visit again whether its for another Soccer Blast or to attend someone else's party.


  1. What a great idea for footie loving children, brilliant!

    Helen - #ukbloggers

  2. This looks great fun and an excellent idea for an teen birthday - i'm sure my daughter would love it when she's a bit older.

  3. What a great day and happy birthday! :D I've never heard of them, but this looked like something I'll have to investigate!

  4. This looks like a great place! Perfect for that age where they don't want a party but still need some structure and supervision. Great idea!

  5. Been looking into this for my nephew, thanks for the useful post.


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