Project 365 Days 130 - 136

16 May 2015

This week has been sunny one day and freezing the next. I really wish this weather would make up its mind. 

Here are a few photos from our week. 

My homemade crustless quiche - delicious

6lbs off this week - woohoo

Our New Trampoline

I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from Bunches.

Playing together

I love this photo. Little J looks so happy laughing with uncle P

Preparing for holiday

I have been mainly focusing on my slimming world diet this week. I really need to get back in to it as  I know I can do this diet and I can do it well its just having the motivation and determination.

Daddy has been tinkering in the garden and built a new trampoline for big and little J. They love it and have been on it every day so far. He also did a BBQ too on one of the sunny days.

We had a meeting this week at big J's school talking about his holiday. He is really looking forward to going away with his friends. How exciting. To help get us started with the preparations we bought him some Euros

Little J has had lots of fun this week and enjoyed time at nursery this week. I think it has helped him so much with his development. 

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