Don't Rock The Boat

15 May 2015

Last week we were sent Don't Rock The Boat by University Games. As it has been a double birthday week we didn't get chance to play it until Sunday. I love playing games on a Sunday, its a nice time to just sit, chill and have fun.

Don't Rock The Boat is a family game for 2 or more players. I opened the box to setup the game and read the instructions. There was not much to set up. There was a boat, a blue plastic piece which is supposed to be a 'wave'. After reading the instructions it instantly reminded me of Buckaroo. Its a balancing game were each player has to take it in turns to balance the pirate penguins.

The setup of the game is quite easy. The blue plastic 'wave' sits on the floor and the boat needs to rest on it. That is it, setup complete. To play you need to take turns and place the penguins on various parts of the ship and make sure you 'Don't Rock The Boat'. If the boat tips then the penguins fall off and the game is over.

The game is unsuitable for children under 3 however we did let little J play supervised. He obviously didn't understand the rules of the game and kept tipping the boat but enjoyed watching the penguins fall off. Big J did join in although it wouldn't be a game I recommend for a teenager, he played along to try and help his brother.

As I have mentioned many times before we love spending time together playing games. I have always loved board games and so does big J. We are hoping little J will love games as much as us too when he is older.

Don't Rock The Boat from University Games is available from most good high street stores and Amazon

*we were sent Don't Rock The Boat in return for a full honest review. All thought above are our own*


  1. I would love for my family to spend more time playing too. Little J is too young, but as soon as he is a little older i’ll look into some games we can play. Thanks for sgaring this review x

  2. WOW Looks amazing, I dont have babies yet but I have 18 years younger brother who enjoys playing with things like this that's why I enjoy reading this type of posts. Thanks for sharing, it gives me an inspiration for a gift for him



  3. My 5 year would love this!! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Oh my god! This really takes me back to when I use to love playing these kinda games :) Now I wanna dig up all my own board games :D

  5. That sounds a lot of fun! We love playing games like this. We don't play nearly enough though x


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