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12 May 2015

Remember the days before iPhones and iPads? When you received a toy and didn't wonder 'What does this do?' I remember those days and I remember having lots of fun playing with dolls, board games and plasticine. Actually plasticine was one of my favourite toys, I loved being creative and making lots of figures. We always had a supply of plasticine in our house because it would provide me with hours of fun, no batteries required.

This week we were sent some plasticine to play with and it really did bring back memories. When we opened the packets the texture and smell took me back 25 years, it was like I was back in school again.

Big J used to have play dough when he was younger but for some reason I don't think we ever bought plasticine which is a shame as its great fun. While little J and I played, it was so nice that big J joined in too.

First we tried the FunTUBulous Plasticine. The tub is filled with brightly coloured plasticine and four plasticine cutters. 

Big J was the first to choose a colour and picked blue which is his favourite colour.

Now I had made a silly mistake and not thought about buying a rolling pin before we started. I don't own a rolling pin and whilst Big J was happy to use his hands to flatten the plasticine it would have been better if he could have rolled it out.

Once he had flattened it he used the cutters to make a variety of shapes.

This is big J's fish. He didn't have it long before little J pinched it and scrunched it up in a ball. Thats the good thing I suppose about plasticine you can roll it up and start again. It never dries out.

Little J did enjoy ripping the plasticine and although it says suitable from 3 years up we did keep an eye on him and with help he was happy to make some little models.

Big J opened a new pack of plasticine which had a cutter attached. He used the cutter to detach the back and white from the pack. Little J helped him roll it in to a ball and then squash it flat. They then made white pieces of plasticine into strips.

When it was finished little J was really keen to show me that he had made something with his big brother.

A six legged crab. I did ask were the other legs were but this crab was very unfortunate to have two legs fall off.

Both boys had lots of fun and we have saved some of the packs until I buy a rolling pin at the weekend. Its nice to think that despite the large age gap between my two boys this activity brought them together and the age difference didn't matter. They both enjoyed helping each other and although their creations may not seem amazing, they had fun doing it.

If you would like to find out more about plasticine and the range available to buy you can visit Flair PLC and Amazon.

*we received the plasticine in return for a full honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs above are our own*


  1. Looks fun. We haven't played in plasticine in years, and I'm sure we have some. I will have to get it out for my boy to play with soon. #triedtested

    1. Aww we have had so much fun with it. Its a timeless classic xx

  2. I've always bought playdough and not plasticine so it's a good reminder it's out there. #familytested

    1. Me too, how strange considering I used to have loads of plasticine as a child.

  3. I love plasticine! Even though I am 24 now, I would still play with it!



  4. OH MY GOD I used to love plasticine! Brings back lots of memories x

  5. I use to love this and spent hours playing with it as a child x #triedtested


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