The 3 Queens Arrive In Liverpool

26 May 2015

Every year in Liverpool we seem to have a special event that brings millions of visitors to the city. One of my favourites was Little Girl Giant who has travelled to the city twice over the last few years and last year we got to see her with her Grandma. It was a  spectacular event that I know we will never forget. Yesterday was another event that I was really excited about and I am so glad I got to witness it. Three huge ships, The Queen Victoria, The Queen Elizabeth and The Queen Mary 2 all made their way into the River Mersey.

We arrived quite early and was lucky to find a spot just by the front so we had a perfect view of the 3 Queens when they made their way.

The 3 Queens

The atmosphere was really exciting as over 1 million people gathered to view Cunard's 175th Anniversary Spectacular. We had some lovely people around us who made it even more special. We chatted as they popped open a bottle of champagne and they gave little J a flag to wave.

As the ships grew closer the excitement builded and I could see the funnels before I saw anything else. There was a ferry boat leading them in to the dock and was spraying water. Helicopters were over head and one stopped just above us and a man who was sat on the edge of the copter waved right at us. Little J waved his flag.

The Queen Elizabeth

The first ship to arrive was The Queen Elizabeth. You don't actually realise how big these ships are until you see them alongside a ferry boat. They are huge.

The Queen Victoria

It was only a few minutes later that The Queen Victoria entered the dock. This ship stopped just to the left of us and was followed by The Queen Mary 2.

The Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 was the biggest out of all three and stopped us in front of us.

Big J, Daddy and little J waving the flag at the ships

Little J looking windswept

Once all three ships were in the dock they all did a complete turn. It was an amazing sight as they turned together. The Queen Mary 2 came so close to where we were standing as she turned to face the other way.

Cannons were set off from on top of a nearby building as well as red, white and blue smoke

Every time the three ships honked their horn little J kept shouting 'yay'

It was a really great day, brilliant atmosphere and I'm glad we all got to see the 3 Queens.


  1. I saw this on the TV last night, it looked amazing, glad you all had a great time x

  2. Looks like you had a great day. I've seen lots of photos of this on Twitter and it all looks very exciting, I'm heading to Liverpool tomorrow and wish I'd known this was happening, would have gone this weekend instead

  3. Looks like a lovely day out with the family! I didn't even know this was happening or that it was even a thing. I bet the kiddies (and daddy) loved waving their flags #mummymonday x

    1. We all had a great time, so simple but so enjoyable

  4. What a lovely day out with the family and it looks amazing x

  5. How exciting! It's a shame I don't live near Liverpool.

  6. That sounds like such a fab day out and you captured some brilliant views too. Thanks for linking up to #CheckOutThatView
    New linky up now x

  7. This sounds like a great event. I'd love to see all of these ships. Thanks for linking up with #myfavouritepost

  8. Oh beautiful! Good to hear people were friendly and getting into the spirit of the whole thing, too.


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