Brewers Fayre Birthday Meal

11 May 2015

To help celebrate having two birthdays back to back in May, we had a lovely family meal at Brewers Fayre. We have been to Brewers Fayre many times over the years and like most pubs and restaurants they are constantly improving the menu so it was nice to try out their Chef's Counter.

Alongside the menu and children's menu the Brewers Fayre have a Chef's Counter menu. The Chef's Counter offers a different 'All You Can Eat' feast every night of the week.

If you visit on Monday and Wednesday you can enjoy a Curry Night, Tuesday is Viva Mexico, Wednesday is Burgers and Hotdogs,  Friday is Chip Shop Night, Saturday is World of Chicken and Sunday is Carvery.

We visited on Wednesday and big J was very excited about the burger and hotdog night. We had attempted to visit on a few occasions before but it was so busy and on the carvery day we arrived quite late and there was no meat left.

Luckily we booked a table and arrived just in time for the buffet which opens at 5pm. We were shown to our table and the waitress explained that we order our meals and drinks at the bar, just tell them our table number.

Before we ordered I did have a look at the buffet as I am not a big fan of burgers or hotdogs but there was grilled chicken breast and chicken burgers too. There was plenty of side dishes including chips, bacon, bbq beans, mushrooms, onion rings, buns and rolls.

When we ordered our food and drinks, she explained that the drinks are refillable at one of the drinks stations. Big J went to fill up his glass with pepsi and he found that there was an option to add a syrup too to give it a flavour. For Pepsi you can add Lime, Cherry, Vanilla and Strawberry. All you need to do is click what drink you want then add the flavour and out pops a delicious drink, like magic. Big J loved this and had a strawberry pepsi and a vanilla pepsi too. Like I have said before I love refillable drinks because it can get very costly when buying two drinks each for a family of four.

When we paid for our buffet's we were given a slip of paper which we had to hand to the chef in return for a plate which we could fill up as many times as we wanted. I did notice that new hot food was brought out all the time and they didn't let any of the food completely run out before it was replenished again.

After our meal we did have a look at the indoor play area which was available at a small charge. We decided not to let little J go on it as it was very busy but we did go on the outside play area. Little J loves slides and climbing at the moment so this was perfect for him and it wasn't bus at all. He really enjoyed it and there were picnic benches too for us to sit and watch him.

Big J also went on too, although he said it was to look after little J and not because he thought it was fun..haha.

Big J enjoyed his birthday burger and hotdog night and I would definitely go again maybe on another night next time, I like the sound of Chip Shop Night.

For more information on Brewers Fayre, their locations and menus visit their website.

Have you visited Chef's Counter at Brewers Fayre?

*We received a voucher towards our meal in return for a full honest review. All thought and opinions above are our own*


  1. That sounds like a good value meal out with the family, I love the idea of adding cherry syrup to pepsi. think I would be back and forth to the drink station :)

  2. Looks like you had a really good meal, I don't know if there is one near me!

  3. Looks perfect for kids and it's great that they accommodate those of us who perhaps like a healthier menu option ;) Tx

  4. What a lovely post! I have a Brewers near me but have never popped in there. Love the sound of the drinks machine though. I love cherry coke!

    Ashleigh x

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  5. We love Brewers Fayre....At our local one the indoor area is free....Well I hope it is because I've never paid....hehehe

  6. I haven't been to a Brewers Fayre for a long time! Sounds like you had a lovely time!

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