So Glad I Found Berry Clever

Yesterday I was introduced to Berry Clever and I am so glad I was. 
Berry Clever is a website which allows you to put tips on products for kids or pets. It's like a review site but the tips are only 150 characters so straight to the point.
When you have logged in it brings you to the home screen which highlights the most loved products. Here you can browse products that parents think are great.

If you want to search for something in a specific area you can use the tabs at the top of the screen


Once you click on a tab it will highlight a drop down menu
When you find a product you get two options of want it or have it. When you click have it you get a further two options of love it or meh.
So the idea is simple you write a tip for other people to see. If you love a product and want to write a great tip you get the chance to on Berry Clever and also if you are not to impressed with a product give it a Meh and tell the readers why.
You can also create lists for viewers to read so for example Feeding Must Haves. It's very simple to add a product to your list. When you click the product just click add to list and done.
There are a few products I use that are not listed which I would love to tell the world about and that's fine because they have an option to email them telling them about the product, and fingers crossed they will add it.
It's simple and easy to use and is a must have website for parents to use. 
You can visit Berry Clever by clicking HERE


  1. What a clever website, and good idea :)

  2. This sounds like a helpful little site, not one I need personally, but it looks good x

  3. What a great idea! So easy to look through and read too! :)

  4. I like the idea of this. Straight to the point instead of long winded reviews! Thanks for sharing x


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