My 1st JCB Big Wheeler JOEY

Little J has been trying out My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Joey over the last few weeks and it has become a firm favourite outside toy. I don't think it is specifically designed to be an outside toy but little J loves taking it out with him.
My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Joey is a classic push along toy. He is quite big and chunky so perfect for outside play. He doesn't have any buttons to press or sounds to make which I think is perfect, you can just get stuck in. 
If you pull up his exhaust his front scoop will lift and little J likes to pick up mud and grass with the help of his big brother.
He has a digger at the back to which can be lifted to which adds to the playing. 
I love his wheels they are so big and durable and after lots of playing outside they are still in perfect condition.
Joey is the classic yellow and black colour but he has an added dash of blue. He's very bright and appealing to youngsters.
My 1st Joey is 25cm in length and is suitable from 12 months. He has a friend to which you can buy in the My 1st JCB Big Wheeler range. Doug is a dump truck and is as chunky and durable as Joey.  Doug has a rear bucket which can be filled with mud, dirt, grass or whatever your little one wants and then he can be tipped out.
You can view more from My 1st JCB by visiting Golden Bear or you can buy Joey HERE and Doug HERE
*we were sent Joey to try in return for a honest review*


  1. What an adorable toy! My little man is a bit old for it now, but I bet he would have loved it.

  2. I used to love playing with trucks and stuff when I was younger. It's interesting to read posts like this as I now need to think about these things as I have a baby now!


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