iPhone 5 Case from Case App

Daddy has previously reviewed 2 iPhone 5s cases, and was offered the chance to review a further case from caseapp. You may think that 2 cases would already be enough, but cases that are personalised are a great gift and means you can swap your case from time to time.  
The process for ordering was very simple with a simple click and drag process used to add the picture to the virtual case, and the chance to make the picture bigger, smaller, or select certain parts of a picture of you wanted to.  You can then preview your case to get an idea what it will look like. Then it's onto options followed by a simple checkout process and all done.
The phone was swiftly delivered securely packaged, and fitted through the letter box which is good as no need to pick up from neighbours if you are out.
The first thing I noticed about the case, which differs from others is that the picture I selected 'wraps around' the phone, ensuring that all sides are also part of the picture.  
The case feels secure and sturdy, and fits really snugly onto the phone. As expected there are spaces for the volume controls which takes the form of one large spaces rather than 3 smaller ones - this means a potentially better fit and very little chance of damage to the buttons, which can be a concern when fitting a new case to your phone, especially if like me you like to change it from time to time.
I chose a glossy finish for the picture, having had standard finish in the past, and for the picture I chose this was perfect. With a number of different colours in the picture it really makes certain parts stand out, for example you can clearly see the different colours on big j's World Cup loom bands!!
Overall I would recommend the service provided by caseapp and the quality of the iphone case is really good. You can order yours here. Enjoy!!

*we were provided with the iphone case for the purpose of the review - thoughts are our own*


  1. Awww that looks great! I love having a personalised phone case! :)

  2. The image quality looks great! I have a boring black case on my phone but as you mentioned I think they would make great gifts and may get one for hubby for christmas! xx

    1. I love personalised cases that just make a boring phone look special :)

  3. Personalised iphone cases are a lovely idea. I love the photo you have chosen Michelle.

  4. This looks fab, I love personalised iphone cases x


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