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Big J has been desperate for us to set up his Open Goaaal but with weekend after weekend of rain it was just impossible to get it set up but last weekend the sky was blue and not a drop of rain in sight. Just one small problem big J broke his hand and cannot take part in any outdoor activities especially football. We decided to put off setting it up as it would be torture for him because he can't go and play.
I thought I would let you all know about Open Goaaal anyway and follow up with a review. Open Goaaal is probably the one thing that will make my day a lot easier. I am forever telling big J not kick the ball to high incase it goes over into a neighbours garden. We only have a small back garden and small fences and sometimes I feel like big J thinks he's on a football pitch and the ball just goes flying over the fence. It must drive my neighbours crazy because they are always throwing the ball back over.
So Open Goaaal was invented and it looks amazing. Open Goaaal teamed up with a world leading manufacturer of football netting to create a goal that will stop the hassle of balls going over the fence.
The goal is positioned between two poles and when you are not using it, you draw it back like a curtain so you can enjoy your garden.
When we were sent Open Goaaal we were asked to make sure it would fit because it is not small. 
The width is adjustable.  You'll need a rectangle of grass the following size:
1. Standard size - 2.0m deep, and between 6.3m and 9.0m wide.  (6.6ft deep, and 21 - 30ft wide).
2. Large size - 2.3m deep, and between 8.5m and 11.0m wide.  (7.5ft deep, and 28 - 36ft wide) 

We checked and we were fine. Just a quick note to remember that this isn't easy to set up either and will need two adults for at least 2 hours. There is a video to watch HERE

Once the goal is up and running there will be no more stress of it flying over the fence and I can't wait.

To view more information about Open Goaaal you can check out the website which has all the info you should need. Visit the website HERE

Make sure you keep an eye out for our review once Big J's hand is better.
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  1. That is fantastic, just what we need for our garden!
    Thank you for this post, we shall be investing in one ready for next spring x

    1. It's such a great idea. I know we will have endless hours of fun next year with this without the worry

  2. looks fab, my little brother would love this in our garden - thanks for sharing!


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