Italian Meals from Aldi

Today we went on a shopping spree in Aldi specifically looking for some ideas for Italian meals. As you may remember I have reviewed some of Aldi's tipples in the past (which you can read HERE) and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price.
I was hoping I would be as happy with the Italian range as I was with their beers, wines and spirits. 
I asked big J to choose some products from the range so we could make some nice meals for the upcoming week.
Big J loves his pasta and will have it mixed with bolognese sauce, tuna or chicken and sweetcorn.  I usually make a big pan of pasta and he will eat it that night warm and then he will take it to school the next day in his packed lunch cold. 
So the first two items he put it the trolley was pasta, Fusilli and Penne. He likes fusilli with tuna and penne with chicken and sweetcorn. I'm not too fussed which type of pasta goes with what really to me it all tastes the same. 
Then we got some spaghetti and a bolognese sauce. I bought two jars of sauce because I don't like it when it's dry. 
Big J noticed a reasonably sized margherita pizza in the chilled section and asked could we also get that with some garlic breads. 
So we put them in the trolley and he then saw a large lasagne. As you may have read in previous blog posts I like to make a Quorn lasagne but as treat I said he could also add it to the trolley.
Just as we were leaving the chilled section he put in some fresh tortellini filled with tomato and basil. 
So that was our shopping done for now until on the way towards the till big J noticed some Italian style grated cheese so that was added too. I was really happy with the variety available and it was really reasonably priced too.
So I was looking forward to making some yummy Italian themed dinners this week. 
So far we have tried the pizza, garlic breads, Lasagne and the pasta. We have also used the grated cheese on top.
The pizza is delicious. There is a pizza restaurant in Disneyland Paris called The Outpost and if you have been and love the pizzas then you will love Aldi's. It tastes just the same but its not in the shape of Mickey Mouse. haha.
Overall I was really impressed with the quality for the price. Everything in the photo above was bought at the same time and came to just over £10.
To view each weeks special offers available at Aldi visit the website HERE


  1. We love Aldi and Lidl food, the lasagne and cottage pie are lovely!

  2. I am a huge fan of Aldi, their Christmas press show was really impressive and we really like their wine. Sadly there is not one anywhere close to me.


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