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I am not a huge fan of microwave meals or snacks. I used to buy them but since being on maternity I have had the time to prepare and cook meals from scratch. 
Now I'm back at work it really is more convenient sometimes to throw something in the microwave. If you have to make four dinners for four people all eating at different times due to after school clubs or work it can make it just that bit easier.
Sometimes big J doesn't feel like a big dinner and will just want a snack. This week he tried Naansters.
Naansters come in a choice of four flavours
chicken tikka, 
vegetable tikka, 
balti chicken
beef madras.
Each naanster is a light fluffy naan bread with the choice of flavour inside, pilau rice and mango chutney.
You pierce the packaging and pop it in the microwave as it comes for 90 seconds.
I have to admit it did smell nice and big J was looking forward to giving it a go. He loves his food and is always happy to try foods he's not tasted before.
When it came out the microwave it was very very hot, it is recommended to leave for one minute but I left it for five. I also opened it up to take a peek inside.
Big J tried the vegetable tikka and he did enjoy it. He said it was very tasty. I was impressed the naan bread didn't go hard in the microwave but I would have liked to see a bit more filling inside. I think there was one very small piece of broccoli and one very small piece of cauliflower. There was quite a lot of rice. I am hoping the meat versions will have more in than the vegetable one.
 Each pack is 185g and the nutritional information below is per 100g
4.2g fat
0.9 sat fat
I think they are great for a snack and big J is looking forward to trying the other flavours which we will do over the weeks. 
You can visit the Naansters twitter page for more information or where to buy.

*we were sent a selection of Naansters to try in return for a honest review*


  1. That actually looks quite yummy! Ive never had Naanster before but ill have to check it out

  2. I think my son would really enjoy these

  3. It is a challenge trying to fit everything in when you're a working mum. So there's absolutely nothing wrong with a microwave meal every now and then. There's more to life than slaving over a hob after 8 hrs at work! Tx


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