Back To School Shoes from Wynsors

I still can't believe the Summer holidays are over and its back to school already. It only seems like yesterday that they finished. We have to buy Big J's uniform from the school uniform shop but we can buy any school shoes. We usually tend to buy Big J's school shoes from the same shoe shop every year although this year we were sent a pair for big J to try.
We were sent a pair of Kickers for big J from Wynsors.
Wynsors is a shop that is local to us but we had never really shopped there although I know people who have. At the moment there are huge signs outside promoting that they are the biggest stockist of Kickers in the area.
Big J has quite a wide foot so because he hadn't tried them on before they arrived I was unsure whether they would fit. He has struggled with shoes in the past and that is probably why we shop at the same shoe store each year. Also he varies in size. Some shoes or trainers he is a size 5, others 5 and a half and others a 6.
When they arrived they were really nice and looked very smart. We had decided on Velcro fastening because big J finds that easier if he wants to make them a little tighter.
Big J's school requires that all school shoes are ones that are able to be shined and I know from when Daddy has had these that they shine really well.
The soles are lovely and chunky with good grips. I don't like shoes with thin soles because they wear down to easily and you end up having to replace them in no time.

When it came to trying them on big J didn't seem happy. They felt a little too big. We had ordered a 6 but as we already know different brands sizes can vary a lot. The width seemed fine which was good but they were slipping up as he walked.

We took them along to Wynsors to see if they could maybe swap them for a smaller size. I have to say the staff were so pleasant, friendly and very keen to help find the right size for big J.

They brought out a size 5 and also insoles to try with the size 6. They also brought out other Kickers shoes that are not as wide at the front as others. They really did go out of their way to try and help us and I would give them a 10/10 for customer service.

We managed to sort out the right size thanks to the member of staff and big J was very happy with his shoes and the fit.

All ready to start a new school year.

I'm hoping the kickers will wear well especially during the winter months. Will post an update soon

You can view the Kickers range by visiting Wynsors online HERE

*we received the shoes above in return for a return, all thoughts above are our own*


  1. They look great and your young man looks very smart too

  2. They look really nice, and very smart and sturdy.


    1. They are! Three weeks in and so far so good :)

  3. I remember wearing Kickers to school, and Clarks haha! Sounds like great customer service :)

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    1. Service was amazing. Thanks for popping over

  4. I used to love Kickers when I was at school but I wasn't ever allowed any! He looks ever so smart :)

    1. I love kickers. Such a great brand, quality is brilliant


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