Summer Holiday | Living Arrows 31/52

two boys looking out to a lighthouse
Last week we should have been heading to Greece for our Summer holiday. Unfortunately like so many others our holiday was cancelled. It took us weeks to decide on Greece as we usually go to Cyprus for a beach holiday or head to Disney for some magical fun, so this would have been a new adventure for us. However things don't always go as planned and although we were a little sad at first, we have just got on with it, like pretty much this whole year so far. This year we will be enjoying our two week Summer holiday at home and first we headed to the beach on what was supposed to be a very sunny day, although it turned cloudy and tried to rain a few times but I suppose that's the Great British weather for you. 

Boy writing his name in the sand
Luckily for us the beach wasn't busy and although we are not the type of family that will sit on a beach for hours playing in the sand, we did enjoy looking at shells, throwing stones in the sea, we found a few crabs and a washed up jellyfish and of course we wrote our names in the sand. 

boy playing on an arcade machine
A visit to the arcade was next and it was extremely busy so although not mandatory we popped on our masks and headed to the 10p machines. Unfortunately all the 2p machines were being used but luckily we did walk away winners.

Boy running with a football
Before the weather decided to turn for the worst we found a large grass area and played some football. It was just us so we had lots of space to run around, play penalty shoot outs and have a picnic. 

It may not have been the start to the our two week Summer holiday that we were expecting but it was a lovely day and hopefully the first of many this month.


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  1. We were meant to be be in Spain. We're very lucky to live in Cornwall though and only 10 minutes from an amazing beach, so it's not all bad (I keep telling myself).

  2. We are off to the beach for the first time in 6 months next week. I was wondering if the arcades would be open.

  3. Sorry to hear your Greece holiday was cancelled. We had to cancel our holiday for next week and postpone for next year. We're having days out too!

  4. We live in unfortunate times with most of our holiday plans being cancelled, do hope you head to Greece sometime next year when things get better, in the mean time enjoy the local destinations, and hope you have better weather next time too.

  5. It's sad that your trip has been cancelled, but at least you can think about rebooking for next summer and have something to look forward to x

  6. So glad you got out and enjoyed your time regardless. I think staycationa are definitely the way forward. I've had two holidays to visit my parents cancelled during lockdown... it's a pain, but there will be plenty of time in the future! Sim

  7. Ooo yes please, we do love a good trip to the beach in the fabulous fresh air. Always better when the sun is shining too x

  8. So many people have had to cancel or postpone their holidays this year, am glad you had a good day and good start to days out


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