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This Summer has flown by and considering that we haven't had our usual holiday abroad I am shocked just how fast it has gone. We have been talking to little J now for a few weeks about his return to school. If I am honest he is not looking forward to it and neither am I. The back to school blues are real enough for children after the six-week summer break but can you imagine how they’re going to feel returning to school after months at home thanks to the global pandemic?

Some kids are probably excited to get back to their friends and extra-curricular clubs, while others are probably feeling pretty anxious about starting a new year with a new set of challenges. The majority of children are probably feeling a combination of the two and it’s important for parents to help them transition back into a normal routine. Here’s some advice from one of the best prep schools in Oxford.

With just over a week left to go until most UK schools reopen their doors to all students, it’s crucial that kids start to familiarise themselves with healthy habits, including early nights and early starts. Lots of us are guilty of letting our youngsters stay up late during lockdown and have long lie-ins, but unless they get out of those sleeping patterns before school, they’ll struggle to get up on the first day of term. You should also make sure that they have all of the appropriate uniform and stationery ready and organised for their first day back, otherwise the morning will feel like a crazy rush. The more prepared you all are, the more smoothly everything will run.

As well as preparing your child physically, it’s also important to help them mentally. Find some time to have some one-to-one time with your youngster in which you can chat about how they might be feeling about returning to school. Don’t ask any leading questions that might put ideas into their head and, instead, let them open up to you on their own terms. They may tell you that they are worried about some friendship problems that they left behind before lockdown, or perhaps they’re struggling with a specific subject. These are things you can give them advice on or even contact the school to help resolve the issue. If your child knows that they have your support no matter what, they will feel a little more comfortable about returning to school.

It’s also wise to use lots of positive terminology around your child, especially when talking about school, to help lift their spirits. If you say things like “I hated school when I was your age”, your child will not develop an optimistic attitude towards their own learning. Instead, try and remind them of all of the great things about school, like being around friends.

No one truly knows what the return to school is going to look like however children are so resilient and can usually adapt to change very quickly. I am sure little J will be fine and will be happy to get back to school once he is there and we can look back at the past 6 months with fond memories on how we got to spend so much time together as a family.


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