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Disclosure -  This post was first published in 2019 however I have added to it today and updated and update photographs. This post is a paid collaboration with Taunton School and features pr samples for the purpose of this post. Any thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. This post also contains affiliate links.

2019 deluxe planner
As a child I loved going back to school shopping with my Mum. I would head to Woolworths or WHSmith and spend hours choosing the perfect stationery set and lunch bag. It was definitely a highlight of my Summer. Now I am a Mum I try to get the Back to School shop done as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Dragging two boys around the shops trying to get them pick shoes and try on uniforms when they would rather be out playing football is such a chore. A prep school in Somerset have put together a back to school checklist to ensure you are prepared in time for September. I have added our favourite products so it has everything you need to be prepared for the new school year ahead.

stabilo highlighters
When I started Senior school I was introduced to the world of fineliners and highlighters. Now as an adult I am addicted to different pen types and highlighters using them every day for many things. Stabilo have a wide range of highlighters and pens available which makes back to school stationery shopping easy for both older and younger school children.

The Stabilo Easy Start range is perfect for younger ones starting their school journey. The range is ergonomically designed offering a triangular shape and non-slip grip moulds for a relaxed hold and you can choose from yellow and red colour colour coding which indicates left or right handed versions.

Bic Kids range
You may think that littler ones may not need to purchase back to school stationery but having a little one in infants I know that having pens and pencils at home is a must as the amount of homework they need to complete is crazy.

Even since Nursery little J has brought work home every week which may involve drawing or colouring. The BIC Kids range of pens and pencils will ensure that you are well prepared at home for when the homework begins.

The BIC Kids and BIC Evolution product ranges are perfect colouring tools designed to be easy for kids to use. The bright colouring pencils available in 12 different shades are all made with synthetic resin that's shock-resistant, chew-resistant and doesn't splinter if broken. The Kid Couleur felt tips come in 12 colours and are made for kids 5 and up for everyday colouring projects. Each felt tip offers a fixed medium nib which won't get pushed in under pressure.

Academic diaries
For as long as I can remember I have always used a diary. Some people buy their diaries to start in January but I have always used an academic diary starting in July/August. It's just the way I have always worked.

Harry Potter and Disney are perfect choices for us as we are huge fans. The diaries show one week over 2 pages and runs till August 2020. Lots of space for notes, addresses and also a year to view page too.

The Danilo mid year academic diaries are a perfect addition to your back to school essentials.

stib pencils

stib pencils
Stib Inspirational Jumbo Pencils come in a pack of 12 colours in a tube pencil holder.  Each pencil has inspirational word on them to help keep you going if times get tough.

 Peace Keeper, Earth Lover, Joy Finder, Big Thinker, Self Believer, World Changer, Story Teller, Problem Solver, Good Listener, Freestyler, Great Leader & Team Player.

These words have all been matched with an animal character, that together form The Stiblers. Each pack of pencils contains a specially designed sheet of Stibler stickers, which can be used to decorate the Stib tube or elsewhere. The pack also includes a bright orange double pencil sharpener.

Snacks are a huge part of little J's day. Each morning he will spend a long time choosing which snack he will take in to school that day. Having a wide range of healthy snacks available for him to choose from is a must from September.

Del monte fruit snack
Del Monte Squeezie are an 100% fruit snack boasting one of your five a day and perfect for lunchboxes.

Available in Apple and Mango, Apple, Strawberry and Blueberry and Apple, Strawberry and Banana these are a great way in ensuring your little ones take a healthy snack that is also tasty too.

Crazy jack organic
 Crazy Jack ready to eat soft apricots are perfect for snack time. Each individually wrapped bag is filled with delicious naturally dark apricots and just 70kcals. The Crazy Jack Soft Apricots are also organic, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Gregory's tree bars
Gregory's Tree fruit with a twist bars are the perfect way to 'beat the dip'. When you are low on energy and need a boost the double fruit twists are a perfect snack. Just 60kcals per bar with no hidden nasties.

Peperami snacks
Both boys have always loved taking a Peperami as a snack to school but now there are a few new additions to the Peperami range and are perfect for lunch boxes.

Peperami Pep'd Up Chicken Bites come in a handy individual wrapped bag, ideal for snack time. Peperami and Cheese snack box is a great source of both protein and calcium to get the little ones through the school day.

Lunch Time
If your little one stays for a packed lunch then you will know that the lunch bag and lunch box range in the shops is huge. There are so many options to choose from. Having a son in sixth form and one going in to year two their lunch bag/box choices are very different.

Smiggle lunch boxes
 Little J is a huge fan of Smiggle and when it comes to lunch bags and bottles, Smiggle is his go to place. They offer a wide range of bags including this style which is called a double decker. So if you want a bag with lots of space than I would definitely recommend a double decker. The top can be opened using the zip to reveal a shallow compartment. This is ideal for snacks or even an ice pack if needed. The bottom is spacious and could fit a large lunch in and/or a water bottle.

Smiggle is also known for its huge range of stationery too including notebooks, pens, stationery sets and pencil cases. 

Sistema lunch boxes
Sistema lunch boxes are perfect for those that like to take a range of goodies for their lunch as the bento box has lots of different compartments. There is plenty of space for sandwiches, fruit, treats and a yogurt or dip pot too.

You can also accompany your lunch box with a Sistema water bottle. There are lots of different bottles to choose from including twist cap, sports cap and quick flip.

Ace Cleaning products
As a parent, you don’t need to be told that children stain everything! With that in mind, make sure you have at least two, if not three versions of each item so that your kids have spares when you’re doing the laundry. However if they do come home with some stubborn stains then ACE stain remover products can help get their uniform looking new again. There is a variety of products to choose from including stain remover for colours or for whites. You can also choose mousse, spray, liquid or powder. You can use ACE on all wash temperatures but obviously you need to check the clothing label first and although ACE uses a mild bleach it has been extensively tested and did not affect the durability of the garments. 

We have started to buy a few items already. Have you started the Back to School shop yet?


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