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The job market is saturated with graduates and other professionals looking to start a new career, making it quite the challenge to compete for a position in a suitable job. With that said, it’s absolutely crucial for secondary schools, in particular, to focus on academic success and acquiring appropriate qualifications. It’s also important for educators and parents to help guide children to make sensible decisions with regards to their subject choices, so that they are reflective of their career aspirations.

Offering widespread and skilled career guidance from as early as year 7 is an obvious priority at King Edward’s Witley, an independent school in Surrey for children aged 11 – 18 years old.  The school provides a variety of resources to young people to help them comprehend the vast array of opportunities that await them once they’ve finished their A Levels or IB studies. In fact, careers advice is a huge feature within their curriculum. This is particularly evident at the Careers Fairs, which feature keynote speakers and alumni, where some of the older students are able to learn a little more about their options going forward and feel motivated by the success of others.

In a recent interview, leader of King Edward’s Witley, Joanna Wright, has stated that integrity and resilience are two of the key elements of successful leadership in 2020. With that said, it’s important for schools to be as honest with their students as possible when it comes to their future, while making it strong priority to open pupils’ eyes to the world of work. Most schools achieve this goal through a range of extra-curricular activities, where various skills can be learnt and the importance of dedication and teamwork are uncovered.

Helping pupils recognise the most appropriate route to achieve their personal goals, whether this includes securing a role in the working environment or at a university of their choice, is of supreme importance for teaching, as is preparing young people with an ethical and well-rounded outlook on life and the skills required to succeed in the next stage of their journey towards adulthood.


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