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Little J has been asking us for weeks if we could book to do Go Ape. Obviously with the situation at the moment we have been putting it off however over the past few weeks we have been out and about more so last week we booked to go on a Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape, Delamere Forest. 

We pre booked our tickets online which is advisable as it was almost full. The timed slot we chose was the only one that day that could accommodate us all. 

Go Ape

We arrived about 15 minutes before our time and were quickly checked in, given our wristbands and shown the way to the Tree Top Adventure Course. 

The Tree Top Adventure Course is suitable for both adults and children and lasts 1 hour. 

Staff lay out harnesses on the floor for your party and ask you to step in to them however they were on hand to help if needed. Once the boys were in their harnesses they were shown the demo area for a safety briefing. 

The demo area is a small platform which gives you an idea on how to walk with your harness attached at all times. The boys were told that there is no more than one adult and one child allowed on an obstacle at any one time and only 3 people on each podium in between the obstacles. 

There are two courses within the tree top adventure. Course 1 and Course 2, you can choose to do either or both depending on how much time you have left. 

Once the safety briefing was done they were free to head up in to the trees. They chose course 1 first. I stayed safe on the ground below watching them as they took on the obstacles. It is actually really high but they looked liked they were having lots of fun. 

You are advised to wear gloves. We brought our own. Its protection for your hands as you are attached to a metal wire which you glide your safety harness belt across as you move. 

Go Ape

The course took them approx 15 minutes and at the end there is a zip wire that brings them back to the ground. This was definitely a highlight. 

You can go around the courses as many times as you want within your 1 hour time slot. Course 1 is a little tricky at times but they loved it. Little J was unsure about course 2 as it has more wobbly obstacles so they stuck with course 1, maybe next time!

I wasn't worried about little J being up so high as I knew he had his brother and dad up there with him to help if he needed it. While they were up there a young boy with his brother started to cry, he wanted to get down however you can't once you are up there you have to keep going. 

A member of staff was soon up next to him and was really good with him encouraging him to keep going and finish the course with the staff member behind him. 

If you are spectating there are plenty of benches underneath the course for you to sit at. With regards to social distancing it was quite hard on the ground as people were walking around, watching and taking photographs of their children or family but as long as you try your best then you should be okay.

After the boys had finished their harnesses were popped over the fence and sprayed with anti bac.

Go Ape

The Tree Top Adventure course cost us £19 each for both adults and children. Time slots run every 15 minutes from 10am-4:15pm

It is worth noting that Go Ape, Delamere Forest has it's own car park and you pay at a machine. It only takes cash, there are no card payments. 

There is a toilet block in the car park however this was closed. The nearest toilets were in the Station cafe about 5 minutes walk away however to use the toilets you do have to be a paying customer. We bought some take out drinks after using the toilets.  

The boys had a great time and I would definitely recommend it.

Go Ape have a range of courses and sites throughout the UK. Have a read about the Go Ape Treetop Challenge at Bedgebury


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