Play Session At Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester

We have been Merlin pass holders for years now and I actually can’t remember when we didn’t own annual passes. We visit Alton Towers the most throughout the year however as there are more attractions now in the North we can now choose from the Tower, the Sea Life centre and Madame Tussaud’s in Blackpool and the Legoland Discovery Centre and Sea Life Centre in Manchester.

Blackpool Promenade made out of Lego
We have been to the Legoland Discovery Centre many times in the past. It is in the Trafford Centre which is just outside of Manchester City centre. Last week we visited for the first time since lockdown and if I am honest it was our favourite visit to the centre by far.
Legoland Discovery Centre
The Legoland Discovery Centre is working on two play sessions per day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each session runs for approximately two hours and has to be pre-booked
We arrived 10 minutes before our afternoon session began and there was quite a queue as everyone was getting their tickets checked and also their temperature. Once inside we were given the rules of how the two hours play session work. As you enter the main part of the attraction you are encouraged to go on the ride Kingdom Quest. The ride is closed at approximately 1 hour after the session begins allowing everyone to take a turn on the ride.
Kingdom Quest is a small ride inside the centre. The ride takes you around the kingdom and every now and then stops in front of a large screen where are you then pick up your gun and shoot at the screen to score points and try and save the princess. The duration of the ride is probably less than five minutes long but lots of fun.
Miniland at Legoland Discovery Centre

Legoland Discovery Centre
Next we headed into Miniland which was unusually quiet. Miniland is a smaller version of the Miniland at Legoland Windsor. It is made up of attractions from the North West. The attractions are made out of Lego such as a football stadium, horse racing stand, Blackpool promenade and Alton Towers.
The boys got to play on the football mini game, watch oblivion at Alton Towers and see Blackpool turn from light to darkness.
VR at Legoland Discovery Centre

After a quick toilet break we then decided to pay for the boys to go on the VR attraction. It costs £5 per person unless you are an annual pass holder and it will then cost £2.50 each. The boys seemed to enjoy the VR experience however it was less than two minutes long so at £5 per person it seems quite expensive.
Lego Pick Up at Legoland Discovery Centre

Lego Pick Up at Legoland Discovery Centre

If you have been to Legoland Discovery Centre before you will know that the main area is for Lego building, especially cars. This Area is still available however you are given your own bag of Lego bricks which stay with you throughout the session. So you can still enjoy making and racing cars however as it’s your own bricks there is no cross contamination. Once you finish you hand them back and you receive a pop badge. 
Other attractions available are the Ninjago climbing wall, Merlins Apprentice ride, the 4D cinema and the café.
Lego at Legoland Discovery Centre

Lego at Legoland Discovery Centre

Whilst at the centre it was so easy to enjoy the attractions and building without it being overcrowded which it has been many times in the past. For us it was definitely more enjoyable as we where building. We had our own space, own lego bricks, and the queues for the rides and the Ninjago wall where short. 
The Ninjago soft play and the toddler play area towards the back of the centre are closed for now and also the Forest Pursuit electric car ride.

Towards the end of our session we headed to the café for a quick drink and snack before heading home.
I would definitely recommend heading to the Legoland discovery Centre in Manchester this summer.Two hours was plenty of time to enjoy all the attractions and have a good building session too. Having the space to play and build without lots of kids running round made it more enjoyable. Masks have to  be worn inside the Trafford Centre however once inside the Legoland discovery you can take your mask off should you wish. You have to put the mask back on as you exit through the gift shop at the end of your session. 

Overall, we enjoyed this more than any time we have been before. The social distancing requirements have made the attraction a more relaxing environment for all. 


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