Our Favourites | February Bedtime Stories

21 February 2019

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Here's a look at what stories we have been reading at bedtime. This Love, This Is Owl, A Quiet Quiet House, Great Women Who Worked Wonders, Car, Car, Truck, Jeep and We Eat Bananas are our favourite stories this month.

 I thought this may be too young for little J but he actually loves it. Car, Car, Truck, Jeep is bursting with cars, buses, planes, trains, trucks, diggers and many more things that go. The words can actually be sung to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep and it's very popular here.

Car, car, truck, jeep,
have you any fuel?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
three tanks full.

One for the red bus,
one for the train,
and one for the pilot
in her jumbo jet plane.

We Eat Bananas is more of an activity and look at the pictures type of book but little J loves it. 

Is that a flamingo munching on a banana? What about that hippo flipping pancakes? And why is that llama dressed as a lemon? There's even a shark slurping a fruit smoothie. All the animals are eating their favourite foods in their own hilarious way. 

We Eat Bananas invites children to choose their favourite foods and how they like to eat them across 12 spreads, packed with animals eating bananas, soup, sandwiches, sausages, ice cream, vegetables, spaghetti and more. With interactive speech bubbles and hilarious shout outs.

For any parent who has ever struggled to get their kids to eat up, this hilarious book is for YOU! No more fussy eating.

Little J has been learning about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong at school so at home we have been learning about women using Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders

What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a BIG question that everyone is asked from an early age. Discover eye-opening facts about a collection of go-getting women who have pioneered careers in a kaleidoscope of different industries. Join scientists, doctors, athletes, hot-air balloonists and more, journey back in time with these brave, bold and brilliant women and discover that anything is possible when you make the most of your talents.

Prepare yourself for a celebration of women who opened doors and made it possible for more women to achieve amazing things today. Overflowing with beautiful illustrations and astounding facts, Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders is the perfect introduction to just a few of the most incredible women who helped shaped the world we live in.

List of women featured: Junko Tabei, Sophie Blanchard, Maria Merian, Elizabeth Magie, the London Matchgirls, Rosa May Billinghurst, Katherine Johnson, Annette Kellerman, Katia Krafft, Rosalind Franklin, James Barry, Madam C.J. Walker, Lotte Reiniger.

This is one of my favourites this month A Quiet Quiet House

Down a quiet, quiet street
Came a quiet little mouse,
Who was speeding on a scooter
To a quiet, quiet house.

But – uh oh – here comes a mouse on a pogo stick! And there’s another mouse on a moped! The quiet house won’t be quiet for much longer... Whatever is happening inside?

A hilarious peep-through mystery from the creative team behind 10, 9, 8… Owls Up Late which is another favourite of ours.  Packed with quirky details to spot on every page, little ones will love peeking through the windows of this not-so-quiet house!

This Is Owl  is a lovely book with flaps and interactive play, this humorous title will have you clapping and flapping along!

This is Owl.

Have you met?


Well let me introduce you…

For those who are fans of Disney and the parks This Love reminds me of It's A Small World and I actually find the song in my head after I read it. It's such a lovely book 

It doesn't matter who we are, 
join hands and stand up tall.
Love is a special language
that's understood by all.

What stories have you been reading this month?


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  1. We have A Quiet Quiet House - one of our favourites too!

  2. I love the sound of Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders - what a fantastic way to inspire young girls.

  3. Love the idea of that Great Women book! I bought my children Women Who Dared, which is an older version with around 50 different awesome females in it. Very inspiring for both boys and girls!

  4. We have been reading Wonky Donkey - always has the kids in fits of giggles

  5. My friends son is obsessed with cars so the first one looks right up his street x

  6. LOVE that the “women who work wonders” book exists! Such a great idea, empowering them from bedtime!

  7. We have quiet home too - women who work wonders will be our next read

  8. Wow! These are some fabulous recommendations... I really enjoy reading books to my little one.

  9. What a great treasurey of books you have there. Lots of variety and some inspirational titles too. Mich x

  10. Oh these books all sound so lovely! We read together every night and I have actually been looking for some new books to read as we tend to repeat our favourites a lot! Thank you!

  11. These all sound like fantastic books. Oscar was sat at the side of me while I was reading and now I have a list of ones he wants to buy for him haha.

    Louise x


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