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June Bedtime Stories | Our Favourites

22 June 2019

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A selection of books
This month we headed to the library so that little J could choose some new books to read at bedtime. There were so many to choose from however he did manage to narrow it down to just 12 and these are a few of his favourite bedtime stories.

Animal ABC Book
Animal ABC
Learn the alphabet and meet amazing animals along the way using the lift and flap.

Little J really enjoyed this and it introduced him to animals he had not heard of before such as Quokka, Uakari, Ibis and a Yak.

Lunchtime book
It's lunchtime for one little girl, but she's just not hungry. A visiting crocodile, bear and wolf however are starving. It's just as well that children taste revolting.

We love this story all about food, friendships and fun.

Mixed book
In the beginning there were three colours, Reds, Yellows and Blues. All living together in harmony until one day Red says he is the best. No longer happy with living together, the colours decide to divide but just as it seems there's no turning back, cool blue and bright yellow save the day.

This is a really lovely story about understanding, love, acceptance and also shows what happens when colours mix. 

Something Fishy
Something Fishy
There is something fishy going on, but not in a good way. When a cat wants fish, nothing else will do and bringing home a new baby really doesn't help. Who saw that coming?... not the jealous cat.

Little J loves this story and insists that John reads it to him with funny voices. I love listening to him chuckle. 

You Choose Book
You Choose in Space
Zoom into Space for an adventure where you choose what happens next. Which alien would you most like to be friends with? What fantastically freaky food will you munch for lunch?

After reading You Choose in Space little J also wants to try and find You Choose and You Choose your Dreams too.

What stories have you been reading this month?

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May Bedtime Stories

28 May 2019

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a selection of children's books
This month we have been reading lots of bedtime stories after having a huge clear out of little J's books. Here are a few of our favourites this month.

Harris finds his feet book
Harris Finds His Feet
Harris is very small with huge feet. Grandad shows Harris how to hop high in to the sky, climb to the tops of mountains and how important it is for him to find his own feet.

A lovely story about the relationship of a small hare and his grandad.

The story fo rock and rap books
The Story of Rap and The Story of Rock
From Elvis Presley to Beatlemania, rock has transformed through generations, this book introduces the rockers that started it all.

The Story of Rap has rap artists from Grandmaster Flash to Jay Z and will have your little one bopping along. 

As these books are designed for babies I thought little J wouldn't be interested however he loves them. He is a huge music fan so these books were perfect for him.

Goodnight World Book
Goodnight World
When the day's at an end, up to bed we go, The Sky becomes dusky and so the night grows. When the bright golden sun sheds the last of its light, we turn to each other and we say, Goodnight.

Goodnight World teaches you how to say goodnight in a variety of world languages as you share this gentle rhyming bedtime story with your little one. 

Little J has always been interested in languages and is the French councillor in school so he was really interested in this book. I love how it breaks down the 'goodnight' in other languages so you can try and say it properly.

For example in Spanish, Buenas Noches is Goodnight and you can say it like this. 'Bwen-oss no-chez'

What stories have you been reading this month?

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Our Favourites | April Bedtime Stories

1 May 2019

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We were away for most of April however just before we left we were sent some lovely books by Little Tiger. As you will know if you read our blog we love reading a story at bedtime and it's a huge part of little J's routine. Here are our favourite bedtime stories this month.
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Our Favourites | March Bedtime Stories

27 March 2019


Here's a look at our top five favourite bedtime stories this month.
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Our Favourites | February Bedtime Stories

21 February 2019

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Here's a look at what stories we have been reading at bedtime. This Love, This Is Owl, A Quiet Quiet House, Great Women Who Worked Wonders, Car, Car, Truck, Jeep and We Eat Bananas are our favourite stories this month.
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Our Favourites | Bedtime Stories - Autumn 2018

8 October 2018

Ever since I can remember little J has had a story before bed. It's part of his bedtime routine and no matter how tired he is or how late he's gone to bed he has to choose a book for us to read.At the moment he does have quite a few favourites so I thought I would share with you what we have been reading as it is Libraries Week.
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Our Favourite Bedtime Stories

13 October 2017

Story time is a huge part of our bedtime routine. It was something we used to do together with big J and now little J too. Once little J has had his bath and is in his PJ's we climb into bed with him, snuggle under the duvet and read a book. Over the years we have collected so many great stories and our favourites do change all the time, but here is our top 6 stories we are reading at the moment. 
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Bedtime Stories Perfect For Halloween

2 October 2015

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Halloween Books

Do you have a collection of seasonal books for the kids? We have lots of books and I try to keep collections together so that I can get them out depending on the season. As Autumn is here it's time to dust off our Halloween books and start reading them before bed.

We have two favourite books at the moment Boo and Ten Spooky Skeletons

boy in bed reading a halloween story

Boo is a fun novelty rhyming story all about finding out who is saying Boo. Each page has a different character on, Pumpkins, Wizards and little witches and each page says the same. for example "Spider, Spider was that you? Were you the one who shouted Boo?" Then there is a picture of the spider saying "it wasn't me" Little J loves this and as each page turns there are holes were the eyes should be so when I am just about to read out Boo I look through the holes and shout Boo. He finds it so funny. We love Little Tiger Press books and I can't wait to dig out some of big J's old books because I know we have lots similar to Boo that little J will love.

boy in bed reading a halloween story

The next bedtime story is Ten Spooky SkeletonsSimilar to Boo there are peek through holes on each page as one lonely skeleton goes on a search to find more skeleton friends. I always pop my fingers through the little holes which little J finds very amusing. A lovely story and a great way to talk about numbers and counting as each page starts with the number of Skeletons and a new skeleton is added every time. One, Two and so on. There is a lovely glow in the dark finale too.

I'm sure little J's favourites will swap and change all the time because I remember big J having a new favourite every night. I think reading to our children is so special and a lovely way to spend those last few moments of the day together before sleep time.

Do you read to your little one? What is their favourite story?


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