AD | Donated Blood Saved My Life ... Twice!

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If I am honest I had never given much thought to donating blood in the past. I knew you could do it and I knew it was important but I was petrified of needles so it was something I would never put myself through. My thoughts all changed after I needed a blood transfusion and I had to rely on donated blood to help save my life.

That may sound dramatic but it is true. I never thought I would need blood, it's something you see on medical programmes or movies. I never pictured myself in a situation where I would need a blood transfusion however I found myself in the situation twice within 12 months of each other.

 The first time was after giving birth to Rosie. I lost so much blood that I needed to have a transfusion. As someone who doesn't like needles and the thought of another persons blood going in to my body, it made me feel queasy but I had no choice. It saved my life.

The second time was more complicated. I had been suffering from Gallstones and had to have a procedure to remove one from my bile duct. I was only in hospital for the day but after I got home I wasn't right. I was weak, pale and it just didn't add up. I had only had a simple procedure why was I in pain? I called out the doctor and he took one look at me and asked me had I been the toilet for a number two since I got home, yes. Was it normal? Well actually no. Not normal, as in the colour but I assumed because they can use dye during the procedure that this was normal. He told me to go to A & E immediately. I had only left the day before and now I was back.
A & E were not happy with the way I looked and decided to check my blood count. They thought I was bleeding internally and I was. During the procedure to remove the gallstone they had cut me in error and I had lost almost three quarters of my blood and needed an immediate blood transfusion. I was quickly sent to a ward for the transfusion to begin. The staff were in total shock as in all the years they had worked at the hospital this had never happened but they had two of us on the ward both bleeding internally from a simple procedure. Again relying on someones blood saved my life. 

Since then I have appreciated anyone and everyone who takes the time out of their lives to go and donate blood. Smart Cells article on Why Is Blood Donation Crucial claims each year the NHS Blood and Transplant service requires approximately 200,000 new donors. This number takes in account people who had previously donated and no longer can. John has donated blood since and will continue to do so spreading awareness throughout our family and friends too.

There are requirements for eligibility to donate blood but if you can please do. It is so important and like me you just never know when you or a family member might need blood.


*This is a collaborative post*

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  1. Encourage everyone to do this - CERTAINLY does save lives


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