Slimming World | This Weeks Meal Planner and Fanta Chicken Recipe

19 February 2019

Due to me being ill over the past few weeks our meal planning hasn't really gone to plan however it's a new week now and we are all feeling well so it's back it.

Over the past few weeks I've hardly eaten because I had tonsillitis and I was just drinking lots. This wasn't great for my weight loss and it has fluctuated over the past two weeks so I won't know truly what happened until I get weighed this Friday. I have tried to stick to plan as best as I could over the past week or so but it has been very hard.

Before I got ill I did make a lovely Slimming World Fakeaway meal - Fanta Chicken.

Fanta Chicken might not sound nice to some but trust me it's delicious and takes just like Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken from the chippy but without all the syns.

It's very easy to make. All you need is..

A can of Fanta Orange Zero
A cup of Passata
A table spoon of vinegar
1 vegetable stock cube
Sliced peppers
Sliced pineapple
(and any other veg you would like to add)
Chicken either diced or breast

I throw everything into the wok and simmer on medium heat for about 5 minutes then I pop in the chicken (which I have already oven cooked). You can cook it in the pan before you pop in the ingredients but I prefer to cook first.

I served it with egg boiled riced which I just made myself. 

It's absolutely delicious and I only had to syn the boiled rice which is just 1 syn. 

Do let me know if you have tried Fanta Chicken before. Did you like it?



  1. As a vegan I love that you are incorporating some meat-free meals, great job :)

  2. Some delicious meals on the plan this week! I definitely need to try the Fanta chicken

  3. Never would have thought to put Fanta in a meal! Definitely trying this

  4. I cannot believe that is a slimming world meal plans, it looks delicious

  5. Your menu looks so nice, I can't wait to be moved so I can get back into meal planning a lot more x

  6. This sounds like a healthier version of a sweet and sour with the use of Fanta for tang. I wouldn’t have thought to use this in a meal before.

  7. Fanta Chicken sounds absolutely lush, i like that you used zero fanta too as it keeps the calories down xxx

  8. Sorry to hear you've been ill Michelle :( I don't think I could make this recipe myself, as I do not like oranges one bit - but maybe I could change the Fanta for something else? Like Sparkling Rubicon mango or something? X

  9. Love QUORN a healthier alternative thats so easy to cook


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