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Little J hasn't had a proper birthday party yet but we will definitely be planning something for his 6th birthday next year. He received another birthday invitation last week to a play centre that we haven't been to before so he is looking forward to that. It got me thinking that over the years we have had so many different types of birthday parties for big J and I'm looking forward to planning lots of parties for little J as he grows. I have had a think about our top venue ideas for kids parties.

Pool Party

A pool party is always a crowd-pleaser, especially if the pool can provide a large inflatable to play with. Big J has been to many parties at our local leisure centre and they have been fabulous. You would have to check with your local leisure centre but usually after the pool part you are given a sports gym/hall where you supply your own food, drink and party games. It's a great way to keep the costs down as you can make your own sandwiches etc. 

Football Centres

This is perfect for kids who love the game. Typical parties usually last around 2 hours. The first hour you do some warm up training followed my a match with a referee. Then it's on to the party room for food and drinks. 

The Cinema

I love this idea especially if the kids are a little older. Watching a movie with a few of your close friends can be a nice experience for the kids. You can either take a packed lunch for them all, buy cinema food or take them to a McDonalds or Pizza Hut afterwards depending on your budget. Some Cinemas host kids morning where you can watch an older film (not a new release) usually for a few pounds. 

Play Centres

I always find this type of party a little crazy although we have hosted many of these in the past as they are so popular with the kids. It's a chance for the kids to run around like lunatics for a hour before trying to reign them in to sit down and have some food. Most play centres do party packages for under £15 per head but usually require a minimum of 10 children. The food menu is usually basic choices such as pizza, burgers, hot dogs etc. Some venues may have extras such as characters and goody bags

At Home

You have to be very brave to host a party at home. It takes a lot of patience to allow a group of kids in your home. It will require lots of planning as you don't want anyone to be bored after 10 minutes. You can do the usual party games to keep the kids entertained or you could hire a bouncy castle. As you are providing the venue and the food it can keep costs down to a minimum so depending on budget could be the perfect choice. 

These are our top 5 Venues for a Children's Party. Do you have anymore to add?

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